New Normal

Normal always misconcept in human community. Being normal is being updated according to subjective norms. Whether that norm is to break traffic rules, harass softer sex, blowing horn harshly, following same content behind curtains while dissuading others in public.

Somehow this normal is normal for us. We all don’t stand and analyze our actions because it is Normal to do what others are doing. Recently government alleviate COVID 19 lockdown with some SOPs and netizens are calling it new Normal. In my personal opinion normal has migrated from us with lockdown. When people of our blind society were confined to their dwellings that saved emotional damage to paccibles of their proximity. I liked the part of lockdown when generation gap was diminishing due to forced gaols. And machine man was learning new survival skills. That all was pretty normal.

Now tagged new normal is getting back to routine, blowing harsh horns in residential areas, rabble at waiting areas, ignoring clans at home, gossipping, and stabbing.

During lockdown I saw people happy in their lives who were constantly victims of gossips and stabbing, as culprits were behind bars of lockdown. I observed depressed people relaxed due to uphold of stigmatisation. I see man feeding man. Indeed COVID 19 showed us desirable extinct face of man that again disappeared in new normal.

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