Sexual exploitation

Should we go to mars to feel safe? Indeed we are not safe on earth, and under the earth in graves. Is the dress of girls is linked to safety from sexual exploitation? If the response is yes to this riddle then why girls covered in gowns are not safe. if it is all about attraction towards softer sex to seduce men for such Ill behaviour then why boys are seen suffering from these attacks. If being alive irrespective of gender is enough for the display of rape attacks by rapists then why corpse in graves are not safe. If it is irrespective of mortality and genders towards humans then why animals have seen suffering. Why it is beyond limitations, prejudices, and senses.

Ted Bundy views about association of pornography and sexual exploitation.

Let’s talk about our Muslim community where mostly girls are educated to cover them to prohibit male attraction. Whereas boys are taught to respect the opposite gender. Our media is also supposed to present morally acceptable content. Sex education is also nominal as it is told just before the wedding night. Then from where this bacterium comes to us.

In my view, this is indeed a product of Hollywood & Indian immoral content. Mostly minds will disagree with me but it is true to some extends. Shutting eyes is not a remedy. Accept it and then rectify it to get rid of this bacterium. When the moral content of turkey was launched on national television, Many of us were against. But when Indian unethical content was banned from TV screens everyone screams with sorrow.

Recently I have seen several documentaries and interviews of the world notorious and most notable monster Ted Bundy. He claimed often the effect of pornography and his home ill environment. He blamed his mother by words “I am a cold-hearted son of world biggest bitch”. From his life, I get that we are giving birth to such monsters in our living rooms before TV screens playing immoral content. And also a mother is someone who can make a monster a saver. But now mothers are only supposed to give birth and then giving a modern ill environment to their offsprings. This pornographic content is attacking the minds of youth psychologically. We can’t deny the psychological association of pornography resulting in the birth of many Ted Bundys in our society. Let’s stand together against pornography and so-called modernism to vanish this dusk from noble societies of Muslims and let’s bring a new dawn to formulate a standard for other nations who are cultivating such ill content for global youth.


  1. Yes, this is the most significant evil in our society. Government should take strict actions to stop sexual harassment. For God sake plzz try to ban this immoral act.

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