We have always seen only one side of the coin that says education is acquiring or getting useful information. But education is also sharing useful information or knowledge. If no knowledge is shared, no knowledge is acquired.

Education is not only getting knowledge but also sharing knowledge.

Education is an equilibrium set on the give and take rule. We always acknowledge learners, not trainers. Celebrating a soulless teacher’s Day is a waste. We should respect those who give us wings to fly high. The subject of teacher’s deserving is raised a lot but not followed or enforced. But I want to raise the importance of sharing knowledge. Knowledge is not anyone belonging to or the responsibility of tutors. Any little bit of information that could be useful for someone is worth sharing. Today we are only sharing immorality and desideration instead of knowledge.

One benign told me that somehow our coeval depends on us. Although sometimes we get back nothing from them, however, we are supposed to meet their needs. Because God gave us chance to give rather than to take. So stop imagining yourself donating millions in fundraising and start sharing knowledge. As knowledge is a noble prototype of sharing. The setback is that the toppers of the class are solely blessed with acquiring knowledge. But I have seen castaway students sharing knowledge with their mates.

That’s indeed God-gifted quality of being a giver, acquired giving quality is also worthy.

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