Helping hand for others

In spite of billions of human beings on the planet, everyone is born different with unique qualities and characteristics like thinking, capabilities and sense of making decisions but the main purpose of their creation is to act as helping hand for others according to Islam. Helping hand means the assistance from human hand and not from the Angel.
In the age of COVID-19, every single person can be a helping hand for many of the others by playing own role by using own capabilities. The first and most important thing that appeals to be done is awareness. A huge population is unaware of the basics about COVID-19 and its precautions as well. So, we should step forward to aware them all about the recent scenario and make them follow all the safety measures to save themselves and their near and dears. We can use many of the platforms to do so. We should use social media to help others by sharing information as much as we can.
Unfortunately, if someone gets infected by this deadly virus, he/she should not be left alone. Social distancing doesn’t mean leaving them alone and helpless. It’s just a “physical distancing” means you should keep yourself away from others physically to prevent the further spread of any contagious disease. We should support them morally to our highest. The survival rate of this virus is directly related to the immunity of patients, so we should cast a positive impact on their mind to boost their immunity. As negative thoughts are meant to having negative impact on immune system, so they should be avoided. That’s why the moral support is necessary in this regard.
In lock down situation, behind social distancing and other precautions, we should not leave alone the needy and poor. People who work on daily wages should not be ignored too. In recent situation, they are unable to support their families, we have to take step to provide them with all kind of stuff to meet their needs. We should not forget the purpose we are created for. Almighty Allah has created us with a very beautiful organ, the Heart. We should use it to spread the feelings of affection and sincerity by helping them and by doing everything for them what we can.
We should donate what we can. We should donate face masks as well as sanitizers to those who are unable to afford even this basic stuff to make sure their security. Everyone has total right to lead a free and safe life, so we should let them by our assistance. We should break this chain by playing our own role. We should not present ourselves as a host to virus. We have to combat with this calamity by proper strategies and planning.
In this situation, if we are ensuring our own safety then it means we are not acting as a carrier of this fatal virus. We should ensure our own safety as well as others. We should not let ourselves to be the weakest link of the strongest chain. There are many organizations working for welfare of human beings in many ways. We should support them by being volunteers or by donating.
Hospitals and organizations are facing a shortage of the crucial resources to properly combat with the ongoing challenge we call COVID-19. From the delivery of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and medical machinery that is necessary to be used to win this battle to providing the training and expertise, these organizations are helping the paramedical staff to ensure their own safety as well as patient care. We should be connected with others spiritually but disconnected socially at the hour of crisis. If all these steps are taken, they will be obviously helpful to play own role and decline the outbreak.
Current statistics are evident that much more is to be done. Everyone should be responsible and abide by the rules to declare being a well committed citizen. This virus is not the problem of a specific country or area but it has affected the entire globe. So, efforts from each and every patch of globe are needed. To stand with government is also very necessary as many steps are taken by Government to make country Corona free. We will achieve our goals in near future by grace of Allah Almighty. This too shall pass and Almighty Allah will bless all His creatures with countless blessings.
In Sha Allah

Writer: Tayyaba Usman.

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