Islam is a Religion of Hope

We live in a society where many people have access to all facilities and have freedom to bring changes in their lives. Similarly some of them are deprived of the basic facilities to live happily and they have no opportunity to change their situation. These people are in need of aid and relief to change their living conditions and provide them necessary means to live according to their desires. Such people look forward to any hope that could bring happiness to their lives. In Arabia Islam arrived in similar conditions of social disparity and economic inequality. The period before Islam in known as period of ignorance because of the exploitation of poor and vulnerable. On of the basic goals of Islam was to stop this social inequality and wealth discrepancy. The Quran says ” Have you seen the one who denies the judgment, for that is the one who drives away the orphan and does not encourage the feeding of the poor”. Islam introduced the system of zakaat and sadaat to solve this problem.
Hope is one of the purest acts of hearts which is mentioned plentifully in Quran and in Sunnah. There are three types of hope; two of them are attractive while the third one is little bit undesirable. A person who obeys Allah does everything according to His Almighty’s will performs every necessary act of Islam and follow His Almighty’s light hopes that he will surely get the reward from Allah Almighty. In the second situation a person commits sins and then he repents for not following His Almighty’s will, he hopes to attain Allah’s forgiveness and his blessings. But in third situation, which is repugnant, a person exceeds every limit in committing sins and ignoring Allah’s orders and still he hopes to attain his mercy and blissfulness without any repentance. This is called false hope or arrogance which is condemned in Islam.
There is a distinction between hope and wish. A person who wishes to achieve everything without taking a matter seriously is not encouraged in teachings of Islam. Hope is associated with struggle and putting belief in Allah. Hope must be accompanied by action. This is for the sake without make efforts and continuing committing false acts and still having hope in Allah’s mercy has nothing to do with hope. Allah’s mercy is always in the favour of those who are on right path not not for those who are arrogant and deceptive. Allah’s mercy is not for wrongdoers and stubborn ones. Al-Qayim says that “Such kind of people completely depend upon the texts that represent Allah’s blessings. When pointing fingers of blame to them due to their excessive sins, they list all what they know about Allah’s comprehensive mercy and blissfulness. There are strange and unfamiliar stories about such kind of people”. Hope paves and direct the way for hearts towards Allah Almighty. The Quran says that ” Whoever hopes for meeting with Allah, then Allah’s term is surely coming…all these hope for Allah’s mercy. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful”. The Holy prophet (saww) said that: “Allah Exalted be He says”: “I am to My servant, as he thinks of Me, so, let him think of Me in the ways he wishes”.
Allah Almighty asks His servants to have hope in Him and need Him to show His blessings upon them, He possesses ultimate powers and He is the most Generous. Ibn E Al Qayam said that: ” Thinking well of Allah or hope manifests itself in believing in the means of salvations granted by Allah and not otherwise. It means that if a person continuously commits sins and still takes Allah’s forgiveness for granted mercy which can be His extreme anger, it must be said that Allah is above all this attitude”. We should always think we’ll of Allah always have belief in His ways, for, if He is Ever Wise He is also Ever Avenger and He sends His wrath upon the ones who are arrogant and stubborn. An immoral person will never be able to have His mercy same is the case with a lazy person who doesn’t take any matter seriously and wishes to achieve success. So the message of hope given by Islam is important for the ones who are living is desperate conditions and for those who have a better life, the reward is guaranteed for them in the life after death.

Writer: Nabila Rubab

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