Sectarianism is a curse for today’s world.

Pakistan is religiously comprised of multi-ethnic Muslims. Majority of the people of Pakistan are Muslims and are divided into many sects, mostly Sunis and Shias. Sunis are estimated to be in large numbers than Shias. It should be kept in views that Sunis and Shias are of different point of views. Both of them are divided into further different sects. There are Ahl- e- Hadith, Wahhabi and Deobandi in Suni Muslims and Shias have different sects called Ithna Ashari ( twelvers), Ismailis and Bohras. All of these sects tend towards extremist activities sometimes while performing their religious activities and violence is not allowed is Islam. Pakistan was created in the name of Allah and Islam which means that it takes guidance from Holy Quran and prophet Muhammad Saww. Sectarianism is core issue of Pakistan. It is related to our daily lives and it causes a lot of problems like terrorism, political instability, law and order etc. It also causes distraction from from our national goals because it makes people more interested in their own beliefs. Basically in Pakistan it started in 1980s in the reign of Zia ul Haq when shia Muslims were forced to accept suni way of life.
It is basically understood that sectarian conflict is between majority Sunni Muslims and minority shia Muslims. This is not a true definition. Shias and Sunni Muslims have many things in common to each other. Shias and Sunni Muslims have no conflict upon the concepts of Rasalat and Toheed. Most of the Shia Muslims use to go in the Majlis and Mehfils conducted by Sunni Muslims. There are many of the Sunni Muslims who use to go in the Majlis e Aza of Imam Hussain. The show unity on many of the occasions. Most of the times they have conflict upon the concepts of Imamat and Khilafat. Inspite of sharing a lot of concepts this sectarianism leads to violence. There are many people in all these violent sectors who have restored some Kufr slogans against each other. They resort allegations against one another which can be called exploitation in the name of religion. Some Sunnis have called shia to be kafir and some shia have called Sunni to be kafir. At the end we can say that most of the people call these slogans for their own religious and political benefits. They exploit people in the name of religion for their own benefits. In Islam, there is no place for sectarian violence. It is duty of every Muslim either shia or suni or deobandi to condemn these slogans. We can say that these violent acts of sectarianism in Pakistan are not the acts of sensible Muslims. These acts are either done by some foolish people or by the enemies of Pakistan. None of the leaders of the world are unaware of the strength of Muslims. They know that Muslims are not fearful of death and wounds. They cannot stop Muslims to progress by any of their methods so they try to incorporate these false beliefs in the minds of Muslims. Because unity is the strength of every nation. Muslims need to be united to make progress otherwise they will be left behind. Some of the enemies of Muslim ummah and Pakistan try to break this unity.
While sectarianism is labelled as religious or political violence, the reality of this term is much more complex and confusing. Sectarianism is often define as ” the existence” within something which results in a strong sense of dualism which transcends commonality. Most the times it happens that the members of one group try to kill and condemn others for being responsible for their decline. These forces are launched by enemies. Sectarianism is an attitude of prejudice and hatred which is not only curse in island but also in other religions. Neither Christianity nor Judaism allows for prejudiced attitudes. People tend to be prejudiced towards one another which for their success and progress but the are unaware of the fact that it doesn’t lead to success. If we want to grow more we need to eliminate such beliefs because this attitude is not allowed either for religious benefits or for political progress.

Writer: Nabila Rubab.

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