Commanding Leadership Style

Today’s world dilemma is that everybody wants to dominate but nobody wants to be under the influence of anyone.

The commanding leader is the one of decisive kind who directs the team and is goal-oriented. He makes his decision alone and wants his orders to be fulfilled without any argument. A commanding leader has a bossy attitude. Commanding leaders are often respected and are rarely challenged by the team.


In this leadership style Law of dominance is applied. Dominance-recessive relationship is played between the bossy leader and undertaken followers.

They follow the triple C rule i.e Confidence, Challenge & Compete. Such a man keeps his pace with his work. He knows how to head over others.

Attributes of Commanding Leadership:

  • Challenging
  • Confident
  • Assertive
  • Competitive
  • Influential
  • Dominating
  • Bossy attitude
  • Powerful
  • Risky
  • Fluent and articulate

Pros and Cons


The benefits of this type are interim.
A commanding leader can make quick decisions. They can handle any difficult situation without getting panic.
The leader believes in himself and is self-confident. Confidence is all what you need. When you have commanding tune along with the confidence it already influences the person standing on the other side of the table.


They are Exclusive in nature which means they don’t bother or consider the choice or opinion of his followers which can be proved disastrous sometimes because followers know their opinion is of no value so there will be lack of concern and no interest as they are only cog of the machines which can be replaced anytime.

Usage of words like can’t, should or shouldn’t delimits the team members. They are not allowed to think out of the box. They have to confine them within the orders directed by the leader.
Such leaders often scold the members which may demoralize them.

This style is for ephemeral use but not to be acquired permanently because in doing so no one will want to work with him.

Situations in which Commanding style is required:

During the crucial times, when there is lack of motivation and interest in the organizations, the leader needs to be commanding to achieve the required goals.

Commanding leaders work best when quick decisions are to be made in a crisis or situation with inexperienced team members. As a result, many famed generals and politicians operating in times of strife fall into this category.
Now-a-days this style is out-dated as it is not inclusive in nature.

Successful Commanding Leaders:

Commanding leaders are rare these days but one of the classic example of such leadership style is Winston Churchill.

Winston Churchill possessed a strong-headed, dominating and strong personality having powerful orating skills. By this strong orating ability with a commanding tone and competent aura, he ruled one of the strongest nation.

Author: Ariba Riaz

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