The Power of the Positive Thinking

Human beings have been bestowed with the faculty to transform thoughts into actions and through actions can unleash all the ways to success if they remain optimistic in contrast to those who think negatively as pessimism leads to adverse acts. The thinking pattern either positive or negative impacts human’s development as it accelerates struggle to attain or hinders the paths to progress. The clarity of thought intensifies the efforts to achieve impossible. The positive thoughts not only head to productive actions but also influence human’s physical health, mental growth, provide motivation and project us to compact direction to get the best in life and prescribed in all the scriptures of the revealed religions as in one way or the other.

First of all, human body contains different systems such as digestive, respiratory, circulatory, and nervous system which perform various functions in fixed program and linked to thoughts processes. The digestive system dissolves chunks of food properly if one in mentally at ease and does not have negative thoughts to buck its workings. The immune system protects us from disease invaders forcefully if our thoughts are positive. The positive thinkers resist disorders more proficiently than those who always look at glass as half empty because they are in habit of looking at life from positive perspective. Not only physical working body of human beings but mental situation is also outcome of thinking.

The optimists are able to protest mental complexions such as depression, loneliness, and the sense of insecurity as they have more clarity in priorities of life and less prone to distraction. Even if they confront awful conditions such as failure, they look forward to break the chain. Mostly people negate importance of awareness of goals in life and jealous by prosperity of others who remain committed to their goals because with each step they get closer to destination. The positive reasoning can cure mental lapses as well as motivate us to progress.

The motivated souls are determined to register their names in the list of great people due to motivation reinforced by positive thinking. As the inventor of light bulb Thomas Edison has experimented many times due to his straighten thought and motivation. The Japanese have reinvigorated complete infrastructure of their country and today they are role model for developing countries like Pakistan due to promulgated thought of progress. The reliable and motivating forces of positive thoughts make them mandatory subject of religious teachings.

All the revealed religions Islam, Christianity and Judaism preach the message of purification of thoughts as they are reflection of deeds and consequences of doings. The idea has been envisaged by all three religions to think positively in dismal. The Islamic teachings as case study of human beings stress this matter extensively. Resultantly, true adherents of any aforementioned religion are more successful due to emphasis on positive thinking.

Conclusively, it is verified that positive thoughts have all the abilities to cross obstacles in the root of successful life as they maintain human’s mental health, physical condition and motivate them through bumpy passages of life’s trip. The central processing unit of human body is mind and if it is corrupted by negative thoughts than impossible to execute any task properly. So, we should keep checking our thoughts because they are formed and reformed by events of life and also tend to think positive because only positive thoughts have force to conquer inner and outer worlds.

Author: Aqeel Abbas

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