Science and technology being the ultimate future, Can we afford to arts and music education in school?

We live in a world where children are constantly under pressure to achieve academic excellence. With school time tables designed as if they are to be followed by machines, it is really hard for students to follow a monotonous routine full of science practicals and learning about programming software a different math theorems. Therefore, it is wrong to say that music and arts have no place in the school timetable because they indeed have an important role in the education of young minds.

With the word “School” it is not wrong today to associate the word stress. Stress management is an important issue in school going students these days. This is mainly due to the tons of tests and exams they need to go through. So, in this case, music and art education work as an antidote to stress and provide a source of enjoyment for the students alongside education. Studies show that students who are provided education of arts and music are less likely to dislike going to school.

Where there a lot of developments being made in different fields including science and technology, artists and musicians still exist. So there is a high chance that many of the students would want to pursue their careers in art and music. It is, therefore, necessary that the school caters to the needs of such individuals. It is also very important that school appreciate children which are good in art equal to the ones good at academics.

Other than this, art and music aid critical thinking of the students enabling them to think out of the box. With a paintbrush or a musical instrument, it itself is a journey of exploration which young mind goes through. It is the creativity which comes with art and music that needs to be valued. It does not matter what children become in future, that creativity is reflected upon their personality.

Arts and music help students to develop self-confidence. They are able to express their inner self in a better way. Thus, changes in the education system are required to incorporate arts and music to pave the way to better and enhanced learning. One example of such change is being implemented in Singapore where arts and music are used to help children learn different concepts. And most researches on school children prove that students who study music and arts tend to score better academically as well.

Institutes around the globe need to understand that art and music are very well a part of education and thus we cannot just minus their role and impact on a student’s mind. Where a movie, advertisement or brand promotion is incomplete without arts and music, how can we afford to take it out from our education system and ignore its importance in the learning process? No matter how far the world reaches in science and technology, arts and music are equally important.

Author: Zersha Ali Sheikh

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