I am a feminist

Are you familiar with the word “Feminist”? If yes it is proven that most of our definition about feminism tend to be wrong.  Feminism is not women empowerment merely. It is gender equality. It is what makes you a woman who is aware of her rights and is provided with them. But is it also about not caring for the family, because you think it is not the female’s job and being your kind of “feminist”, you can’t do your household work and raise kids? The answer is NO.

Feminism is a term that is to make you aware about your rights and does not provide you an option of neglecting your responsibilities as a citizen, mother or a daughter. It certainly does not make you any privileged . Infact, if you are getting that extra privilege being a female, i.e. respect for the weaker sex. You can be an equally caring mother and can be feminist. You can earn to support your family, one can still call you a feminist. Feminism does not make you any superior and it certainly does not make you any inferior. It is the balance that is required in the present.

Another common notion is about getting married and loving someone. If you are a feminist and a so called smart, independent woman, that does not mean that if you fall in love with someone or get married you are no longer, a feminist. You are still a smart woman, the independence and liberty is still their in your personality and your feminism is still very well alive.

Further going deep into the definition, the word feminism also is about choosing the careers. There is no job which makes you any less of a feminist. There is no job which can actually make you feel inferior if you are following your passion. Feminism here is following your passion, dreams and aspirations.

Only females can be feminists? That is another common notion, in fact taboo which needs to break in the society regarding the gender of feminists. There are many male feminists present in the world which are striving to bring about that revolution of gender equality in all fields. There are many non government organizations run by men which are working for women empowerment providing them opportunities. Thus this mindset needs to literally disappear from the society.

We all need to understand that feminism is a broad term. The definition of this word has a huge impact on how different things related to it  are perceived . This thus requires a proper correction of its definition of the word in our minds.

Author: Zersha Ali Sheikh



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