10 Most Beautiful Tourist Places in the World

There is nothing more good than traveling. We live in an enchantress world, full of beauty, charm and adventure.

“ The world is a book and those

who do not travel read only one page. “ (Saint Augustine)

People used to fantasize about visiting the breathtaking places of the world. But sometimes, people used to get wrapped up in their lives to the extent, affecting their health and happiness and become self-absorbed. As we all know that life is not meant to be lived in one place so, travel as much as u can and see the beauty of the world. Just take the memories of this spectacular world and leave your footprints. So, let your inner kid to come out and just go with the flow.

As rightly said:    “Cover the Earth

Before it covers you”

So stuff your eyes with the charms of nature and live as if you would be dead in seconds. Now, let’s have a glancing look at these 10 Most Beautiful Tourist Places in the World to fulfill your Wanderlust.

1.Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

Tunnel of Love is located in Ukraine, surrounded by the arches of trees. This Railway line splits into two ways. One of them opens on to a secret military base. It was just a usual rail section but in due course, it turned out to be the most picturesque and romantic spots of the world. It seems to fascinate most of the couples and the newly weds, being one of the most picture perfect places in Ukraine.



2.Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Located in Whitsunday Island, Australia. This Beach is World famous for its crystalline silica sands and the water giving a shade of blue tinged with green. A large number of tourists and locals come to swim, enjoy the BBQ lunches and the camping facilities. It is also recognized as the most unspoiled and the  cleanest beaches.


3. Santorini, Greece

Its one of the popular Greek Islands, well endowed in history and treasure trove of Mediterranean treats. It is a pole of attraction for tourists, for its panoramic and picturesque views, eye-opening sunset, town of Thira, white-washed houses with a few blue domes overlooking the Mediterranean, an active volcano and the aesthetic beaches.


4. Kashmir, Pakistan

There exists a large number of tourist destinations in Pakistan. Out of these breathtaking sights, Kashmir holds a paramount place as known as the Heaven of Earth. Tourists find attractive the thick pine forests, lush green meadows, scenic rivers and lakes, and certainly snow-capped peaks as this land possess just about everything.


5.Giant Pandas in Chengdu, China

These Pandas not only hold a special place in the hearts of Chinese but the foreigners too. Being one of the most popular tourist attractions in China, visitors find it interesting, seeing so many of these cute cuddly bears in one place. Visitors may also get a chance to see the baby pandas playing together and also chasing one another up the trees.



6. Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, Japan

This National Garden is known to be the Tokyo’s oasis, located in the heart of the Metropolitan area. If one wants to escape the noise of the city and enjoy the peaceful and pleasant nature, it’s one of the best spots to go out. There exists some types of garden including Japanese traditional, English landscape and French one, depicting the four beautiful seasons of Japan.


7.Eiffel Tower, France

It’s a worldwide known symbol of France, located in Paris. It is a wrought iron tower, originally built for world exhibition but eventually used as a radio transmission and a tourist destination. Being an inspiration for the creation of many replicas, visited by more than 7 million people each year. At night, when it’s lit up, it depicts an eye opening view.



8. Salar de uyuni, Bolivia

It’s a largest salt flat in the World, frozen in winter and transform into giant sky reflecting mirror during rainy season. It’s like something beyond the imagination. Attract tourists from all over the world for its spectacular and picturesque sights, great for trick photography, antique train cemetery and most importantly the salt hotels, built with salt blocks cut from salar.


9.Walt Disney World, Oriando, Florida

It’s a true symbol of magic, fantasy and imagination. Not just a themed park but there’s much more exciting. A huge resort complex containing 4 themed parks, 2 water parks and 99 holes of golf at different locations. Moreover, outdoor recreations are also available such as hiking, biking, boating and swimming. Certainly, a land of enchantment, where everyone feels that dreams really do come true. Nothing wrong to say it’s the happiest place on Earth.


10. Pilvitic Lakes National Park, Croatia

Last but not least, Pilvitic lakes National Park, worldly famous for its lakes, arranged in cascades. It’s like a fairy tale place, filled with the beauty and nature, wonders and the crystal clear cascades and lakes. The forest in the park is a shelter to many bears, wolves and rare species of birds. This place is truly fantastic and one must go to see the charms of nature. This list for sure in my opinion, the must go places.



This list for sure in my opinion, the must go places. Something to be admired by nature lovers like me and the  photographers for sure. Tell us in the comments, what’s in your opinion are the best places to visit.

Author: Noor Gillani


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