10 Ways Of Reducing Exams Stress

Stress basically seems to be something which causes tension in different demanding circumstances. Exam’s stress is a serious issue , to control and overcome it , we will see few simple ways to make us feel better :

 1. Before hand preparation:

To avoid stress and getting panicked, start preparing before hand. Make sure you don’t leave everything for the last night before exams, that would not do you any good. Realise that you need to make up your mind for the things to read and learn and that would be impossible that you could do that much material at the last moment.

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2. Do not compare yourself with others:

The problem begins when you think that they will do better than you because you lack certain abilities.

It is totally fine if you take 30 minutes to read and understand text while others take only 10 minutes. Just give your sincere 30 minutes and you will do great job.


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3. Switching social sites off:

Most of the student’s time is wasted on social media and technology, and when you realise that you have already wasted most of your time ,you stress out . So , make up your mind switch your mobile and computer off for a while and focus on your study.


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4. Short Intervals:

Do not study continuously for long hours. Divide it in portions and study in short intervals. Reading and studying continuously for a long time at one particular place and position makes you mentally and physically exhausted.


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 5. Eat While Studying:

Well ,eating while studying helps you to reduce stress a lot. It is usually said that eating healthy, full meals, and drinking ample of water reduces stress. Moreover, dark chocolate is a good partner to beat stress. To make sure you don’t start to act sluggish, avoid junk and sugary food .


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6. Play for a while in between:

Playing for sometime will lighten up your stress. Play a game on your computer or cell phone, play with someone or play with a kid for a while to reduce stress. But do not become oblivious of your actual goal.

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7. Get enough sleep:

Few people are habitual of sleeping so less that it would not even worth of calling a sleep. To function properly your body and mind needs rest ,so get enough sleep before exams preparation.


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8. Exercise:

Another effective way of reducing stress is that you do exercise . Your body needs to movement and your mind needs to be distracted and relax , so do boxing ,or go for a walk in fresh air for 10 minutes or do breathing exercises.

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9. Set the Suitable Environment for Studying:

Before preparation for exams , set an environment that suits you. For example, few people prefer complete silence while others may want to play music along. Similarly few people prefer to study in morning while others at night can remember better, go for whatever makes you comfortable for studying.

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10. Sense of Happiness and Satisfaction:

When you leave for exam ,feel fresh, happy and satisfied for what you prepared. Believe it, you’ll find  positive energy to attempt your exam well. So don’t get upset and smile ,you see, you will do tremendous.

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Author: Kausar Fatima


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