How to Relieve Headache Naturally?

Dealing with headaches have never been must need to know all facts…!

Headaches are extremely painful and disturbing and they hinder our daily life activities at workplace, colleges or home. To get instant relief, we rush towards over the counter medicines such as aspirin and ibuprofen. There is an extreme need to know that these substances are causing abuse and dependence on prolonged use. Although medicines are available, effective natural methods and remedies must be employed to get rid of the pain.

Headaches are of different types based on location and intensity of pain, most common are tension type headache, migraine, sinus and cluster headache. The reasons may be stress, dehydration, sensitivity to alcohol and histamine, less sleep,low blood sugar, etc.


Almost everyone has experienced all the intensities (from mild to severe) of headache in life. The aim of my blog is to raise awareness regarding the use of natural ways and remedies to manage headache.

Things you can do instantly by yourself to manage headache can make a difference..

Manage time to wake up and sleep.

Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Application of pressure to certain parts of the body.

Stress management by taking warm bath, doing exercise or stretches.

Applying massage to neck muscles and temples may reduce stress.

Warm compresses against the muscles of head relieves pain but cold compresses may work in case of migraine.

Increase intake of folate rich food like fresh fruits and leafy vegetables.

Natural remedies

Taking 200-500 mg of magnesium can reduce the level of headache attacks. Certain foods sources such as meat and dairy products possess adequate amount of magnesium.

Peppermint oil increases blood flow to the forehead and reduce headache sensitivity. Rub it to your temples or prepare a peppermint tea.

Vitamin B complex is very effective for migraine. One must use one tablet of vitamin B complex per day to prevent recurrent headaches.

Coenzyme Q10 supplements reduces the frequency and severity of headache and associated symptoms.


Ginger is a pain reliever in case of severe headache. Grind it and add it half glass of water or making its tea is very effective.

Vinegar is a natural remedy for certain health conditions. Mix one tbsp of the vinegar into a glass of warm water and drink, when headache occur.

Cayanne is exceptionally helpful to reduce pain and inflammation and so decreases the severity of headache.

Eat almonds. When you feel that the headache is about to start in.

Flowers of feverfew have been proved to be very beneficial in decreasing pain and pressure associated with headache.

Intake of caffeine from tea or beverages may prove useful.

Things to avoid

Certain foods such as chocolates, caffeinated and alcoholic beverages.

Smoking, as nicotine can cause allergic reactions.

Too much work. Stop reading because it enhances strain to your eyes.

Overpowering smells and extreme bright lights.


Author: Sana Khalid

Sana Khalid, the Inspired Pharmacist, through her inspirational articles wants to let people know that while treating any disease, we should always give nature the first chance. Her research-driven articles are about evaluating and experimenting natural substances.

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