Alienation and Society

Alienation is a type of powerful feelings, it may occur in response to certain events or situation. We live in a culture of consumerism where dangerous, grimy, and underpaid work is a standard on world scale.

Unfortunately, capitalism has dominated the whole society which abolishes the concept of classless society. Question arises that how this capitalism is responsible for alienation?

Exploitation of one social class by another is seen especially in modern society. The result of this exploitation is alienation, when workers are ‘deskilled’. This situation creates discourse between upper class and middle class. Alienation of man appeared as the fundamental evil of capitalist society.

We are even alienated from our values, nature lying around us, even from ourselves. This alienation is the result of modern technology. If a child in school cannot afford the new/latest gadgets such as I pads, I phone or gaming system they will be alienated from the rest of their peers.

In modern society there are some alarming and increasing trends. School shootings and killing on road were unheard many years before but they have now become a matter of every day. Suicide rates are high and are ultimate result of alienation.

When someone feels that he/she does not fits according to the ‘norm’ of society they quit by ending their lives. We all are running after ‘bubble fame’. We have nothing to do with the problem of others.

A specific kind of race is going on in the world which cannot be combat at social level. We need to reform, rejuvenate our norms and values. Self- estrangement is the heart of social alienation a state of denying one’s own interests. Feelings of neglecting oneself. Which charms glory of relations and sincerity our parents observed we are not familiar with that because we have our own interests and our interests alienated our parents as well.

This is the sad reality of modern world being alienated from our relations. From the creation of this universe we are playing a role of actors in which world serves as a stage we have to perform our roles here and then we all will move to another world. The travel and distance we come across during this journey is unpredictable. Starting from the point of nothingness toward the end of nothingness and the flaws which lies in between these two poles are alienation.

Life is like a game of chess nobody knows what will happen next being alienated from society, relations, norms, values it’s like a hamartia of human beings. Sometimes society itself becomes responsible for these tragic flaws. Need of the hour is to combat these obscurities. Psychological factor plays an important role for the survival of man in this society where classes exist. If we are to diminish this alienation we have to be more generalized and more subjectivity needed for this sake.


Author: Zainab

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