The most important public speaking skills to have

When we see people speaking at so much ease in corporate meetings, politicians addressing the crowd, celebrities talking with their fans, we may wonder how they can share their ideas with a large number of people- how they do it? Are they are born like that? Or Are they made themselves a great speaker? So many questions arise when you see the confident public speaker. Today we will tell you some basic skills that will help you in becoming an influential and inspired speaker.

Know  your audience:

The most important is to understand your audience. Prior to the event talk to your organizers and get acquainted with the information about the audience you are about to face. Ask about what are they like? Why they are here for?  What is the size of the audience? This helps you in giving them as much possible information they want. Connecting with your audience is a vital part of the successful conversation and this all can be attained when you do some homework and get to know your audience in advance. If you don’t spend the time to think about your audience and gather some intelligence about their needs and challenges, you are less liable to get the outcome you want.

Connect with your audience:

One of the mistake speakers makes while speaking the audience is trying to be super smart. There is already a long distance between you and your audience, you are an expert but they are not. Instead of showing them knowledge connect with them. Try to be real, humorous to win the hearts of your audience. Tell them your stories, this makes your message more memorable. The more connected you get with your audience, the more they will pay attention to your talk.

Tone and Timing:

It is very important to have the right timing when going to talk in public. It’s not just about having to stay within the presentation time. It also means saying the right thing in correct timing with right pace and tone. Don’t speak in a hurry. This does not mean you speak slowly all the time but keep your speech in moderate speed. Tone shows your feeling. If you continuously speak in the monotonous tone people get bored. So vary your tone according to the demand of the situation. When you want to emphasize on the point you are giving, make your pitch high and stressful.

Body Language:

Body language is a nonverbal communication skill. This includes the gesture, movements, eye contact, postures of the speaker. Some people neglect the importance of body language in public speaking. It helps you to win the hearts of the audience easily. Following are the tips you need to be aware of:

Eye Contact- No matter how big or small the audience is, you need to make the eye contact. This helps in assessing that your audience is absorbing the message and keeps them engaged.

Body Posture- Stand tall and rigid. Make your back and shoulder straight and firm. This shows how much confident you are.

Hand Gestures- Hand gestures help in reinforcing your message to the audience. It does not mean you move your hands a lot but moving it on the right time makes easier for people to follow you.


Practice makes a man perfect. This helps you to feel more authentic and confident to make a better bond to stay connected with your audience which is the ultimate goal of a speaker

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