How you can come up with your Fear of Public Speaking

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear”

Glossophobia, the fear of public speaking is the most common type of fear among people. We can’t understand why we feel anxious and stressed, our feet starting swollen stomach getting tight, when we come across a group of people to present our ideas. We don’t need to overcome this fear because the fear of public speaking will never end. We can only do certain steps to make this fear-less.

Before this, it’s important to understand what’s causes the fear of public speaking? Even some people have panic attacks while giving a presentation on certain topic. The fear of public speaking is almost same as social anxiety. There are two types of people: extroverts and introverts. Extroverts are the ones who can easily express their feelings at any time. They have less fear of public speaking. Introverts are the ones who cannot express their thoughts. They felt hard to say what they feel. They have social anxiety and a greater fear of public speaking. This comes from environment. The more the stressful and hectic environment, greater the fear, that led to dissatisfaction with their abilities.

“Worry gives a small thing a BIG shadow”


Other causes include the fear of rejection, inferiority complex, lack of experience, disorganized thoughts, not as much of preparation, self-consciousness, fear of appearing nervous, and overthinking.

The solution to this problem is the awareness. Our minds live in past and future. We started thinking about rejection and what will happen if I do this when will transpire if I say that. We need to force our minds to live in the present moment. When we are fully aware of the situation our mind works will full attention and there will be no fear. Otherwise, these are the steps you can take to overcome your fear of public speaking.

Research and Material: Firstly, you need to thoroughly search on your certain topic for the authentic material on which you are going to speak in front of public. Carefully, collect the material related to topic, don’t go off-topic.

Get Organized: Once you have your all material, now organized the material and more importantly your thoughts. This is the most important step. If you miss this step you cannot overcome your year and panic. Organizing your thoughts will make your mind according to your material.

Presentation: Make your slides for presentation. Do not rush your slides with information. Add important topics introduction and speak about the topic in detail. Use infographics, tables, pie charts, comparisons in your slides.

Practice and Prepare: Prepare your key notes. This will help you to memorize and prepare your mind for speaking fluently. Do not read from a book or notes. Memorize your points and make a relation between them. Do not read from slides. Only introduce your subject from a slide.

Be real and excited: Don’t make yourself someone else. Do not copy one’s style of speaking or body language. Be natural in speaking. Don’t make yourself calm. You don’t need to say yourself that I am calm. It will intensify your anxiety and fear.

We have two systems in our mind: the GO System and the Stop System. Your go system makes you excited and enthusiastic. And your stop system slows you down and make you vigorous. It’s our big mistake where we forcefully try to turn off the stop system; you want to turn on your go system. Anxiety is a powerful emotion, and it’s tough to make it disappear suddenly. But you can convert this emotion to another strong emotion like excitement.

Make questions: Ask questions to audience or start your topic to an interesting question involve your public in your topic. This will led the interest and attention of audience towards the story, question, game or topic instead of yourself.

By focusing on the aforementioned points, you can surely be able to lessen your fear of public speaking. I hope this article will help you to prepare your next speech with confidence.

Author: Tehrema Khalid

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