Everyone is responsible for others safety too

As we know that COVID-19 is a chain process, a collective social response is needed to reduce its impact. Treatment of the diagnosed cases and isolation of those who had contact with sick ones is equally important to ensure the breakage of this chain.The increase in morbidity during this pandemic can be easily checked by isolation and contact tracing.

It is scientifically proven that disease is transmitted by an infection due to the airborne droplets and also by direct contact with contaminated surfaces. This fatal virus is not transmitted by blood products or blood itself, or by mosquitoes or some other blood sucking parasites. Yet it is noticed to be transmitted from person to person, even the infectiousness begins when a person got sick but has not developed symptoms yet. Even there is no any consensus on the weather conditions and climatic effects on contagiousness of this disease so far. Satisfactory protection can not be for granted even if a sick and healthy person alike uses face mask and abides by the rules of social distancing. But can easily be transferred from the infected surfaces to mouth, eyes or even nose via hands. Therefore, it is pivotal not to touch our nose, eyes and mouth with our hands.

Contagiousness of this lethal virus can only be reduced greatly by taking all the precautionary measures. One should use face masks and sanitizers to block the passage of airborne droplets that can cause the infection and to cleanse out all the unwanted entities respectively. Besides the usage of face masks and sanitizers, one should stay home when got sick, must cover the sneeze or cough with a tissue paper then dispose the used tissue paper properly. Frequently touched surfaces such as door knobs, toilets, counters, table tops, bed side tables and bath room fixtures etc should be cleaned and disinfected on regular basis.

Personal care plays a vital role in order to make environment COVID-19 free. As viruses need a host body for their multiplication and increase in number, we should not provide ourselves as host at all to spread it around. One of the best protection methods emerged so far is isolation. If one stays away from an infected person as far as possible, not only his/her chances of contracting disease reduce but it is crucial in terms of averting the social spread of this disease too. Social distancing is highly encouraged to check the outbreak.

Corona virus suspended in air can reach the respiratory tract of a healthy person during the breathing process. Number of infectious particles entering the body is of a great importance naturally. A large number of viruses must reach out respiratory tract in order to cause the disease. In this regard, well ventilated environments or the outdoors are much more beneficial than that of indoor environments to breathe in.

In recent situation, if we assure our own safety then it means that we are not letting ourselves to act as a host of this virus to speed up the spread. Even a single person can make a huge difference in this regard. The need of the hour is to evaluate the difference that a single person can make with little effort in current scenario.

We should abide by the rules and regulations by government to stand by against this deadly virus and to present ourselves as responsible and well committed citizens. We can win this battle against COVID-19 by standing together to reduce its harms. Allah will bless us with His countless blessings and eradicate this lethal virus from the entire globe and life will be back again to normal…!!!
(In Sha Allah).

Author: Tayyaba Usman.



  1. You are absolutely right , if all of us become responsible citizen and if we really care other’s lives then obviously we have to follow all precautions .
    In Sha Allah this pandemic situation will end soon .


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