Relationship status

Are you single or married, is a question we all encounter in our daily lives. Relationship status doesn’t prove your value or your satisfaction to life but it is just a social norm. Getting married is indeed obligatory but it doesn’t mean you are supposed to be engaged or committed if not ready to marry yet. If it is so in your story then choose to be single till married. I see relationship status as bachelor falls to harassment more often. That causes dissatisfaction with being single. Being married is COVID-19 which put you in life long lockdown. These could be written or your personal choice to be a prisoner. Every time when a person gets married he /she face the same side of the coin.

The charm of life is not bound to be with someone.

Singles sense their status pathetic witnessing couples. Couples sigh catching a glimpse of single. I critically see the harshness of the matter and evaluated that a dilemma is always appealing which is lacking in your fiction.

Committed and engaged is an intermediate state of relationship status. They are prisoners with wings. Moreover, they are bound to smile with an injured soul in public. They laugh when bleeding inside, smile in pain, quiet being ignored by partners.

I suggest to get married or be single and take a flight before you lose your wings.

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