Giving Margins

We are living in the age where everyone gets a lot of knowledge and experience. All of us are busy in gaining and growing. In such circumstances where we spend our time and energy in getting something, we started to experience a feeling of being superior and perfect. In every matter of life we think ourselves to be perfect. Perfectionism is spreading, all we want is perfection, either it is any thing or any human character. We suppose human beings to be perfect. In any of matter we want everyone to be at level of excellence.

And for us the excellence level is actually the level that we perceive in our mind. We have our own parameters of judging people about their character and morality.
In any kind of mishap we are not ready to accept our own flaws and follies. We are actually not ready to accept the fact that human beings are supposed to be imperfect. Human beings do a lot of mistakes. From our father Adam A. S till the last human we have imperfection and mistake in our instinct.

If we look at the life of Rasool ul Allah PBUH, we come to know that he PBUH never thinks at extreme. He PBUH was a neutral man who always looks at all the aspect of matter and then decide what to do and how to do. He PBUH has set the examples of forgiveness and softness. He PBUH forgave the people we can never think to talk to. He PBUH forgave the murderer of his faternal uncle Hinda. If we try to place our selves in the same situation of him. We can never forgive someone who do something to our family like this. This is the reason why the life of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH is role model for people till the day of judgment.

He PBUH has set the example of giving margin to people.
What is meant by giving margin?
Giving margin means leaving a person on its own in certain conditions knowing the fact that all of us are human beings and are made to make mistakes. It means to tolerate people who are not the ones we like. Forgiving people who hurt us just for the sake of Allah Taala.

If we look at our life, we are so intolerant. We do not forget people’s mistakes ever. We don’t just remember the mistakes, also we make other person embarrassed over the thing he did years ago. If someone is not wearing the dress of our likings, we will declare him or her not a good person just on the basis of parameters we have in out minds.

If we look at the other aspect and start normalizing the things and letting people do what ever they are doing, this world would be a better place, with alot of joys and understanding. If we start giving margins to the people, margin of being a human, margin of being imperfect than we can be a better person for them, for ourselves and for society.

Written by: Musfirah Tehreem.

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