Inculcate Religious peace through social media

Everything effects something in a direct or indirect way. We are living in era of lights and rush. We have disturbed our daily routine and lifestyle as well. There are certain reasons behind this chaos. One of the reason that can never be taken foregranted is “social media”. We use social media applications and websites way too much. Our day starts from looking at our whatsapp and ends while posting a status on Facebook. We follow people on Instagram, retweet people’s words, watch YouTube videos and so on. In between all this, so called perfect life we loose so many things, and get so many things in return.

Things we lose are uncountable. One of the major thing that is effected by media is our mind. We lost our mental health and peace. We got connected to countless people over there and forget the acutal purpose of our life.

One thing that our mind catch is Influence. Social media is one of the most influential type of media. Young minds get involved into so many useless activities without even realizing the fact that it can destroy their aura. We watch people having fun and enjoying. This made us upset and we feel ourselves inferior to them. There are so less people on social media who upload their failures and sorrows. People present a happy and jolly life on media. Same is the case with religion. There is no person who show his / her deeds to the world of course. And what we think is, certain person have this lifestyle they do not pray or worship. We sub consciously or unconsciously start following people we see on social media sites. We tend to be them, adapting their language and their lifestyle.

There are two ways to bring betterment in ourselves through social media. Ways to develop a peaceful religious environment for ourselves and others at media.
First thing is to start following or adding those people in your circle or list who encourage Islam and positivity. People who work as Allah’s true Ambassadors encouraging goodness and happiness, who motivate us to be a beneficial part of our society. Adding up the accounts or people who cannot inculcate religious peace in us can take us far away from Islam . Bitter things will be normalized, like not praying or not being nice to others. By following positive people we will start having positivism in our own selves. We would feel encouraged and happy to do religious duties instead of taking them as a burden.
Second things is to spread positive and peaceful image of your religion. Even if you think you are not perfect, spread the things you know. Human beings are supposed to be imperfect, imperfections make a human truly a human. Never let self doubt or insecurities create hurdle in your way to preach Islam and positivity. Post reminders for people, post good things, post motivational quotes and stuff that can encourage people and let them feel the religion as a light and peaceful things not a heavy burden on their head.

We can influence people from media and we can undoubtedly get influenced by people from social media. Try to choose the people on social media that can bring your positive side out.

Written by: Musfirah Tehreem.


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