How to make Ramadan beneficial?

Ramadan is the time of year when we get chance to improve ourselves and purify ourselves. There are sacred nights in Ramadan and days when we can earn so many deeds. Allah taala has given us so many ways to improve our relation with Him. Ramadan is not just about fasting and being thirsty and hungry all the day. Its about caring for others, realizing others problems, realizing the hardships of poor people and most importantly to get closer to Allah taala and to develop his fear (Taqwa).

First thing to do in Ramadan is to purify our intentions. Intend to do things only for Allah taala.To make Allah taala happy, to fast only for Him, to offer Salah just for Him. Do every little thing with a mindset of pleasing Allah taala and getting closer to Him.
Second thing to do, to make Ramadan schedulized and proper is to make planner. Make a planner to have a check on Salah and Recitation of Quran Pak every day. Include a column of good deed in planner “Deed of the day” and start doing little good deeds like helping others, reciting some verses, cleaning home and so on.

Another important thing is to make goals for Ramadan. These goals could be of any sort or of any type. For instance you pray 3 times a day before Ramadan so start praying 5 times, if you pray 5 times start praying 6 times add Tahajjud in your list. Start reading Quran pak on daily basis, if you already do that start reciting it more often or with translation. Learn one dua from Quran pak every day and start learning Masnoon Duas on daily basis. Try to memorize 99 names of Allah taala this Ramadan. Learn Surahs from Quran pak that you can often read in Salah too.

Take this time a chance to develop good habits and start adopting good habits like reciting Surah e Mulk before sleeping.Make goals with friends and family to discuss Quran Pak. If you have free time, start reading a good book like book of Seerah or Qasas Al Ambiya.

One of the Most important thing is to wake a little early before suhoor and offer Tahajud and thoroughly understand Quranic verses.
In daily routine, we post so many things on social media like our food and stuff, just start posting reminders of Ayaat and duas. Ask people to read those duas once or as much as they can. Ask them to spread it, do good deeds in chains. Of you do something good spread it to others so that you can benefit other people as well.

Do not discourage people for doing certain things in Ramadan only. People get criticised for carrying hijab, Reciting Quran or praying Nawafil only in Ramadan. Try your best to encourage people to do good things, even en little or big. If someone criticize you for doing anything in Ramadan only do not bother them. Keep going on your track.

There are 3 Ashras in Ramadan. Ashra is division of days of Ramadan in 10 days each. Each Ashra have its own speciality and blessings. Memorize Duas of every Ashra and recite it often in first, second and third Ashra.
Last Ten days of Ramadan are given special importance keep your good spirits high in last 10 days specially.
Keep yourself awake in Taaq Nights. The odd nights of last Ashra which are 21,23,25,27 and 29. Ask Allah taala’s Rahmat, Forgiveness and mercy in Holy Month of Ramadan.

Make this Ramadan beneficial for yourself and your love ones. Do not keep a good deed or idea of good deed to yourself alone. Spread the ways to others so that everyone could be benefited and you also get rewards. May this Ramadan be the best of the Ramadan we have ever spent. May this Ramadan fills light in our heart and soul.

Written by : Musfirah Tehreem


  1. Ma Sha Allah again in a very aesthetic way you have introduced the essence of this Holy month. I love your usage of words and words of usage. “Deed of the day” and “make a planner “. May Allah SWT help you in writing more articles and you help us to understand things 😍
    Stay blessed with happiness! Aameeeeeeennn ☺


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