COVID 19 quarantine

Are you fade up with staying at home all the time due to coronavirus quarantine? Although it sucks but this is worth crucial to us to be at home. This quarantine is just a precursor to something bigger that is going to be taking place. It is a really short time to past time staying at home, just think of how many lives we are protecting with this precaution.

Ariel view of planet Earth in 2020

This quarantine is totally beneficial to us. As this social distance makes us understand a lot. It let us know who is worth keeping and who is worth letting go. So spend this time wisely. I consider your plans for vacation which are now postponed for an unknown period of time due to COVID 19 lockdown. Surely this time is grumpy as hell to stay at home for the whole day. It is no doubt a prison lockdown even in own home which is really awful. But look around you for once. Here are some people who are benefited by this quarantine. It accommodates introverts, people with social phobias and people with abuse habits as they are at more ease to quite many things at once i.e alcohol, tobacco, caffeine etc. There is also a pie of community who have no concern with this lockdown. They have to work at home same like office, it also adds ups students who are still stuck with online classes. People with OCD also report nill effect of the quarantines as they calm their OCD by cleaning the whole day. Therefore they are not bored.

I agree that this situation is different for everyone. Like for some, it is horrible. For some fellows, it is overwhelming, paralyzing, insane, challenging, curse, lesson, battle, blessing, despair. And for some people, it is pressure and fire that’s turning them into a diamond. Opposite to them, there is also a group of people for them it is a penance exacted for a crime or a sin that they don’t recollect. Point is that it depends on you how you interpret. So the choice is yours are you using this situation like fire and pressure to turn into a diamond or are you going to let this situation punish you for a sin you didn’t attempt.

Take advantage of this condition because life is literally not going to give you the same chance again. Here are some suggestions about what to do during COVID 19 quarantine.

  • Online work experience
  • Spend time to get to know an older person
  • Become a mentor to someone younger
  • Volunteer for a charity
  • Join online clubs for your hobby
  • Learn first aid
  • Learn to manage your own money
  • Campaign for something you believe in
  • Learn to cook
  • Learn about your history
  • Create a piece of art or music
  • Learn dance new steps
  • Dress for yourself not others
  • Learn about climate change
  • Organize your photos gallery
  • Start a gratitude journal
  • Catch up on great movies
  • Start a journal or blog
  • Start yoga or exercise
  • Revamp your garden
  • Kick a bad habit
  • Rearrange furniture
  • Organize your music playlist

Although I am taking it as an advantage and requesting you to let this fire to lighten up your life more than before. But I also consider it as a frustrating period of our lives. Doing indoor activities will help us to keep our minds away from the hazards of this pathetic situation and will definitely help us to explore ourselves with light from our inside. As till now, we are just stuck with other views and opinions. But now it’s time to poke Into yourself to make a better person than before. In fact, it will make you what actually you are and what you are born to be not what people force you to be. It’s time to dress up for yourself rather than others. So wear what comfort you not what make you look gentle. Last but not least stay home, stay safe and save lives.