Cleanliness; half faith.

Personality of a person is a reflection of person’s attitude towards everything, how one greets, eats, addresses and dresses etc. And no doubt the most over whelming part of personality is the looks you generate. A good and neat dress always imparts a positive impact on your viewer. That is why Islam has focused upon cleanliness very much. Cleanliness doesn’t mean to wear a neat and clean dress. It includes clean body and cleanliness in thoughts also.
There are two types of purification:

SOUL purification
Soul purification can be achieved by establishing the five pillars of Islam. Having clean and pure thinking, avoiding sins, intention of giving advantages to others and most importantly making sure the heart is pure of spiritual affliction such as anger, hatred, pride, arrogance and the one that all Muslims if they are believers should avoid that is relying on other people than Allah.

BODILY purification
Bodily purification is obtained by ablution, taking bath, cleaning teeth, using fragrance, keeping house and clothes clean etc.
Abu Hurairah (may Allah be pleased with him) narrates from the Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) said that,
“It is the duty of every Muslim to take a bath (at least) once every seven days, and to wash his head and body”.
As we are Muslims so we all know that being Muslims it is obligatory to clean oneself and to take hygiene. Muslims practice hygienic measures on daily basis as compared to non-Muslims because prayer five times a day require cleanliness of your body.

Covid-19 AND ISLAM
In this era of increasing population and hectic routine people forget to clean themselves. Nowadays world is facing a challenge given by unseen microscopic organisms (Covid-19). The deadly coronavirus has attacked the whole world and Researchers across the world are fail to find vaccine but the only prevention they are publishing everywhere is to take hygiene.
Muslims believe there is no disease, which has no cure. The only cure is prevention and to take hygienic measures So ablution five times a day is surely a blessing for Muslim community in this war against Covid-19. Ablution includes cleaning of your body from head to toe. So it takes all inauspiciousness away from us and clean our body from all toxicity.
I want to mention that cleanliness is not just a part of our religion but a desperate need of this busy life to stay healthy and active. Only healthy mind and healthy body can perform its tasks effectively. In short, Cleanliness is a part of faith or we can say it is half the faith. We often clean our homes, brush our teeth daily, take bath, wash our clothes, wash dishes, use perfume. Do we really realize that we are doing work which pleases Allah? No, because generally we never think of doing these acts for an account of reward from Allah Almighty, we don’t do them for the pleasure of Allah as we are obeying his commands. May Allah give us the strength to obey His commands and get rewards and blessings from Him! Ameen.


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