Depression is quiet . Anyone can fall victim to it.

Have you ever started to give up Or you really struggled hard getting out of bed? Have you ever miss being happy Or you have so much to do but no desire to do it? These are some of the feelings you go through during depression. Depression is a psychological disorder that is characterized by sadness and desperation. But these feelings are not depression, extreme of these feelings is called depression when these feelings got worse and long for weeks or more. Depression restrains a person from his daily life duties. In the light of mentioned above basic symptoms of depression, patients suffer from social withdrawal. It not only induces sadness but also negative thoughts which affect the normal performance of a person in daily life activities. Depression is feeling faceless sometimes. It makes you unmotivated and sad all the time about what has happened. It becomes sometimes inescapable by making you overthink and over feel. Eventually, your thoughts will start controlling you. And you’ll isolate yourself. Depression causes a 360° spin of your personality and you won’t be the same person. It sucks and extremely hard to cope with this parasite. The only way to defeat depression parasite is to expose it to the light. Only some behavioural changes can make a mental environment that is less hospitable to depression. Always remember that you have done most Important thing, not everyone can do; that you survived. Most of us try to fight with problems but this makes things get worse. So we must accept the problem and try to solve it.
Although depression is an inherited disease. It runs in families. But it can be caused due to environmental reasons. Environmental stimuli for depression are mentioned below.
•Lack of light
•Childhood experiences
•Pain of love
•Feeling average
•Economic instability
•Spouse misunderstandings
•Alcohol abuse
•Family conflicts
•Hormonal imbalance ( thyroid hormone, adrenal gland, sex hormones)
•Nutrient imbalance ( fatty acid omega 3, fatty acid omega 6, zinc, vitamin B6, copper)
•Facebook depression
•Excessive homework
•Pretending to not care about someone you love
•Losing loved one
Symptoms of depression differ on the basis of gender. Depression patients seem sometimes okay but it needs a lot of strength to pretend happy when you are empty inside and laughing when you are crying inside. Indeed they have a bumpy ride to whom we call life. Some observed and reported symptoms of depression are mentioned below.

•Fixation on the past
•Loss of appetite
•Social withdrawal
•Suicidal thoughts
•Sexual dysfunction
•Lack of interest
•Weeping for no apparent reason
•Loss of mood control
•Being hurt from usual
•Lack of energy or tiredness
•Weight fluctuations
•Diminished ability to think and concentrate
•Social denial
•Poor memory
•Low self esteem
•Difficulty in making decisions
•Anger management issues
•Feeling numb
Depression can be cured by medication but it can be beat only by free will of the patient. A person can not be freed from it unless he wants to be a normal citizen like others. Element of exageration make it worse to treat depression. While sometimes lack of confidence building with patients create troubles. Sometimes people seems fine but just not happy. Some steps to treat depression are mentioned below.

•Relaxation techniques (PMR, deep breathing)
•Depression coping statements
•Positive thinking
•Laughing Therapy
•Break goals into smaller ones
•Strength trainings ( weight lifting)
•Take a break

•Nutritional cure
1.Use green vegetables
3.Essential Oils (fish oil)
4.Vitamin C


  1. I was noticing that in society most people only focus on writing long articles about mental illness mostly depression because its a secret killer….
    … But no one is ready to deal with the people suffering from it …when they see someone is dying of their depresion they used that its only the mind set…. The need is to change the mentality….
    Nice effort…. Keep it up 👏👏👏

    Liked by 1 person

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