Mental health and society

Mental health and society

Would talking to a depressed person make me too psychic? Mental illness is not contiguous. You can’t get it by being kind to someone. we can’t imagine the war that these mentally ill persons are fighting. Even we are unable to see after-effects of this war. Superiority is to feel their pain and help them get rid of this war. Whatever mental illness people have but every one of them is fighting this war. Question rise that what is this war? This war is between the person and his mind. This happens inside the person. Of course, win or lose is announced in this war. But loss always belongs to that person. And as we all know every war has its after-effects. Effects of this war can be seen psychologically and physically.
The person seems sometimes happy or even laughing. I often think that if a person is suffering so much then why he is still bound to show happiness on his face? Why they need a mask to survive in this world? Who is responsible for their insecurity? We the society is responsible for their mask. Because we don’t accept a mentally ill person. So some of them get rid by attempting suicide others wear a mask to survive in this ruthless world. Think a while is it fair to be rude enough to them so that they are unable to be what they are. They demand nothing but kindness, acceptance but we provide them insecurities and pains.
Remember that if they can win a war from their own mind every day, which is the hardest war ever; then they can do anything that others can’t. They can be Normal like us. They only need motivation from us.
I admit that today we accept the presence of mental disorders and when we encounter a mentally ill person, we bring them to psychologist or psychiatrist. But why a psychologist is needed to motivate them. Psychologist only encourages them to fight against their illness. Patients themselves defeat their disease. As we are not going to fight for them then why we completely rely on psychologist for their help. I think everyone should help them to get rid of the mess in their mind.
It’s a really alarming situation as mental illnesses i.e depression, anxiety and stress are growing so rapidly and we are just spectators. I just want to sum up by saying that we can reduce the suicide rate and mental disorders by saying to patients that I am with you, you are not alone. The only need is our concern for them. They are not burdened for our society. They can be leaders, speakers and inspiration. They have the stamina to change, they only need a chance.

patient having session with psychologist