Zakat; a need of today’s world.

Zakat is purification of wealth in particular. We all know that charity holds a great place in Islam, therefore it is made an obligation in the form of Zakat. Zakat is not charity rather it is an obligation. When Muslims pay Zakat they acknowledge that everything they have belongs to Allah and they do not really own it. Zakat is paid to remember Allah’s blessings to help those who are poor and needy. Muslims who own wealth over a certain ratio are required to pay Zakat on it and give it to those who are poor and don’t have adequate means to live. It’s purpose is to help the poor, share the infinite blessings of Allah and give an improved life to those who cannot afford. Therefore, every person must give Zakat and make it sure that he is giving to the one who deserves.

One of the most important impacts of Zakat on society is that it makes sure the circulation of wealth in a fair condition. Wealthy people pay Zakat to the poor, it ensures that the wealthy person will not become wealthier and the poor will not become poorer. This circulation of wealth is needed in our society so that the poor must not become poorer. Definitely, there are some limitations in order to choose the people who deserve Zakat. There are many beggars in our society who are professional beggars and such people do not deserve. We should make it sure that Zakat must not be given to such people to maintain the circulation of wealth in a clean way. There should be an acceptable reason for the recipient to receive Zakat. Such circulation of wealth is necessary in this world so that everybody must enjoy good and prosperous life. These mechanisms of equal distribution of wealth are means to promote equal access to resources as well as equal opportunities to lead a prosperous life.

Circulation of wealth ensures the prohibition of the concentration of wealth in the hands of few people. This is the main concern in surah al-Hasyr, verse 7: “Whatever from the people of those villages God has turned over to His Apostle, the near of kin, the orphans, the needy, and the wayfarer, so that it may not be going round and round among such of you as may be rich”.
Man is naturally gluttonous and wants more and more to fulfill his needs. Zakat allows purifying the wealth and making people come out of the shell of their personal interests. It helps to cleanse the selfishness which is a necessity of this society. People are getting more selfish and want to make piles of wealth. More than half of the population of Pakistan is living below the line of poverty because nobody gives them their required rights. It includes an element of selfishness where we don’t help such people. Zakat is a need of today’s world to eliminate the element of selfishness and help poor people. The Holy Quran also mentioned that “And whose is saved from his own avarice such are they who are successful”. Such people who eliminate this aspect of selfishness and those who help the poor people can sustain the diplomacy of society and become the role model for next generation.

Zakat helps to reduce the poverty problem in many ways. Poverty is present in many countries and a hindrance in the way to progress. The reason of poverty is that wealth is limited to few people who don’t help the needy people. When people started giving Zakat in the reign of Holy prophet (PBUH) there was no poor and no beggar left in the streets of Medina. If everyone will pay Zakat no poor would have to involve in the begging. So in order to tackle this problem of poverty in this world everyone should pay Zakat. In this way, wealth will be distributed to poor and they will have the opportunity to continue struggling for their better and prosperous lives.
Zakat also helps to increase production volume. When poor people will be able to spend money for their basic needs it would result in the increase of production volume and it will lead to the increase of production activities. It also improves the living standard of society and reduces the problem of inequality and poverty which has gained ground in our society. Through this way everyone can enjoy a prosperous life which leads to decrease in the rate of crimes and evil in society. Zakat is a need of today’s world in a way to decrease poverty and maintain peacefulness of society.

Writer: Nabeela Rubab.

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