Use of Internet to Become a Good Muslim.

Preaching of Islam has been done through various forms of lectures and discussion. Learning more about Islam is the responsibility of every Muslim. In the previous times, people used to go to the sermons to learn about Islam. Those sermons were not quite accessible to everyone and people had to face many problems to attend those sermons. In the recent age, internet has become a popular source to create understanding about Islam through the use of blogs, websites and social networking. Online discussions and lectures are very common on internet and people have a lot to learn about Islam. These discussions and lectures also thrives information about Da’wah and teachings of Islam. Da’wah means to invite a non Muslim towards Islam which is an important aspect of Islam and also a religious obligation. Muslims discuss their faith with each other in order to learn more about islam and they also convey their to non-muslims. Internet is a global network which provides information about Islam.

Unlike in the past where knowledge about Islam was only limited to sermons, educational institutes and discussions among Muslims in mosques, now information on internet is quite accessible to everyone. People don’t have to go anywhere and to spare time to learn anything about Islam. Most of the times we don’t have proper knowledge about any of the aspects of Islam and we need to concern a scholar in order to do something in the right way. In this situation any of the Muslims can use Internet effectively to get the answers and solutions of their problems. In this concern, online lectures and discussions are very useful. It provides us an opportunity to do the things in the right way and makes us able to step away from wrong doings. Instead of learning from sheikhs and imams people can ask questions and learn easily from internet.

Another advantage of Internet is that it’s a good source of Da’wah. Muslims convey the message of Allah to non-muslims and invite them to Islam. Along with non-muslims, dome of the non- practicing Muslims are also encouraged to learn more about Islam and become a good Muslim. The Quran says:
Say to those who disbelieve, “You will be overcome and gather together to Hell and wretched is the resting place”
(Surah Aal-E-Imran, Ayat-12)
Da’wah is also a religious obligation which can be done through audio and video and this is easily spreading on internet. Internet not only provides an opportunity to non-muslims to learn about Islam but it also helps Muslims to fulfil their obligations by delivering their knowledge to non-muslims.

Internet is also a forum of seeking knowledge. Seeking knowledge is very important in Islam and God has made it more important by mentioning it in the Quran. First verse of Quran is about learning and seeking knowledge. The Quran says that:
“Read. Read in the name of thy Lord who created; (He) created the Human being from blood clot. Read in the name of thy Lord who taught by the pen; (He) taught the human being what he did not know.”
In another verse He says that:
“Allah will raise those of you who have faith and those who have been given knowledge in rank”.
(Surah Al-Mujadilah Ayat-11)
Prophet Muhammad saww has also emphasized a lot on importance of seeking knowledge. And Islam has a highest place for the person who teaches others. In the previous times, people had to learn a lot in order to deliver a sermon but in the present age a person who has some knowledge of Islam can deliver a lecture on internet which is easy but sometimes creates ambiguity in people, so it should be taken seriously. In this way, God shower his blessings on the person who delivers some knowledge of Islam either to a non-practicing Muslim or a non-muslim.
Internet provides Quran and Hadith softwares for free, online services and abundant information about Islam. We can easily share Islamic sources and information through social media to others. So we can say that internt plays an important role in spreading islam and safeguarding Islam against critics from outside. It has various advantages and some disadvantage as well but proper implementation keeps the drawbacks to a minimum. It helps to learn about Islam and to become a good Muslim. Proper planning on how to get useful knowledge from internet is necessary.

Writer: Nabeela Rubab.

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