Namaz; A healthy activity for body

Salah ( Arabic term for namaz) is performed at least five times a day by Muslim believers and it is a spiritual performance taught by Prophet of Allah. There are a lot of sermons and discussions on the spiritual benefits of Salah. Salah makes a person’s emaan strong and complete. Prophet of Allah says that none of the good deeds are accepted if Salah is rejected and nine of the good deeds are accepted if Salah is accepted. While discussing it’s spiritual benefits many of the scholars overlook it’s physical significances. All of the Muslims know that Salah brings closer to Allah Almighty and makes a Muslim pious and righteous and works as a form of solation. A Muslim finds solace in Salah and and also gets higher reward in the world hereafter. So every Muslim offers Salah in order to fulfill the obligation and very few of the Muslims are aware of the physical benefits of Salah. In addition to all the spiritual benefits, it comes up with a lot of physical benefits.

In this article I’ll discuss the way Muslims pray. Many of us don’t know that these postures help the circulation of blood in our body and many of the non-muslims who don’t say prayers can adopt these easy postures for their physical health.
A person moves through several bodily posture by reciting special supplication during Salah. The series of postures in Salah is fixed and a Muslim performs it at least fivet times a day. In this way we can say that Salah is a kind of stretching and contracting exercise. These movements have a direct or indirect effect on the whole body. It increases the intake of oxygen and and increases the working of excretory system, endocrine, blood flow and respiratory system. It also strengthens our joints and muscles, it relaxes our eyes and has positive effects on ligaments. In this way, it is considered to be the best exercise that we can perform five times a day. In addition it makes heart, brain, pancreas and kidneys to have positive effects on our body. Muslims offer Salah with the primary objective of fulfilling religious obligation but with a secondary objective, one can offer Salah for physical benefits as well.
When a Muslim starts his prayer it is made very much clear it brings physical benefits right from the first posture of Salah. When a person stands in the state of Niyyah he stands straight, standing straight in Niyyah is the best exercise a person can have for improved body posture. While standing, the backbone is straight and aligned, head is downward and body is in firm position. It provides a lot of benefits to the brain as well as to the whole body. The sounds that a person produces in Salah have an effect on glands. These sounds go to the brain and have an effect on glands which makes the secretions easy. For males it works on liver and relaxes the large intestine and for women it provides greater relaxation that aids in relaxing the body and forces the stomach content in the downward direction.

It is obvious that a person needs to be in a state of cleanliness in order to offer Salah. When a person performs wudu it makes skin clean which is the best thing for a person’s skin. So we can say that a general cleanliness in all the areas of body leads to a healthy skin and a person feels healthy and light .Therefore Salah is a complete exercise for those who want to make more of salah other than a religious obligation. Salah helps to keep their body and mind healthy and regular offering of it five times a day leads to healthy and long life.

Writer: Nabeela Rubab

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