The Birth of Holy Prophet S.A.W.

Holy prophet Muhammad Saww is the last prophet of Islam. He born in Mecca in the year 570. Mecca is a mountain town in desert of Western Arabia. He was born on 12th of Rabi ul Awwal. When the prophet born, his birth gave rise to several incidents to happen on the earth and in the sky. Holy Prophet’s name is derived from Arabic veb hamada, meaning “to praise”. He was the son of Abdullah ibn E Al Muttalib and Amina bint e Wahab. Before the birth of Holy Prophet Saww, many of the scholars and oracles gave news of Prophet’s birth and many of them mentioned him in their poems as well. Tubba who was one of the kings of Yemen saw the qualities of Holy Prophet in old books and professed belief. He wrote that:
“I affirm the messengership of Ahmad(pbuh). If I were to reach his time I would be his vezier and his cousin. (In other words I would be like Ali as) (ibn kathir Al-bidaya wa’n-Nihaya 2:166;)
Hazrat Amina says that after six months of pregnancy a person came into her dream and touched with his foot and said that “O Amina U are conceiving the most respectful person of the universe. When he will born name him Muhammad (PBUH)”. When the time of Prophet’s birth came near Hazrat Amina heard a voice which make her frightened because no one was near her. Then she felt thirsty and was given a juice, white like milk which she drank and because of that drink everything was lightened. Then she saw a silky dress between the earth and sky and heard a voice, someone was saying “Take the kid and hide him from people”. He born in a way none of the prophets born on this earth. Allah made everything so beautiful and pleasing. After the birth of Holy Prophet every pregnant woman was blessed with a baby boy by Allah Almighty.
His father died before his birth and he was raised by his mother Amina, who entrusted her son to a nurse named Halima. This was the custom of Mecca which made Bibi Amina to entrust her son to a nurse. If a child is suckled by a woman other than his real mother than woman is given the status of his mother. When Holy Prophet Muhammad Saww was an infant, a number of ladies visited Makkah to take prophet Saww to the open desert environment as per the custom of Makkah. Hazrat Halima Sadia was the blessed lady who was trusted to take Holy Prophet Saww for foster care. The place of her house is still located in the town of Bani Saad near Taif. Hazrat Halima took great care of Holy Prophet saww and raised her in the hilly area where the prophet learned everything about his culture. He was six or seven years old when her mother Hazrat Amina died who is buried in the town of Abwa of Mecca-Medina road. After his mother’s death, the nurse Halima took him to Mecca and kept him in his grandfather’s protection. In his grandfather’s care, he learned about statecraft. His grandfather Abdul Muttalib was the most respected man of Mecca. Hazrat Muhammad Saww used to accompany his grandfather in important gatherings and he frequently attended the council of Elders. His grandfather died in 578 and Holy Prophet was about eight years old, he was then shifted to his uncle’s place. He grew up there and remained in Hazrat Abu Talib’s protection for many years. In his teens, he often travelled with Hazrat Abu Talib who was a merchant. All the merchants recognized his and named him ‘Al-Amin’ the one u can trust.
Holy Prophet Saww was sent as a blessing or as a mercy for the whole world. He was a mercy to all in a way that he used to guide people towards the right path. This straight path make people have prosperity in this world and the world hereafter. This is the most significant thing and can be noted easily. Allah Almighty says in Quran:
“We sent thee not save as a mercy for the people”.
Holy prophet is the messenger of Allah. All of us know what Allah created all the universe for his prophet. He created everything because he wanted to send his prophet in this universe. His birth was prophesied by a lot of the ‘people of book’ those who were the scholars of other religions. He was sent in Makkah because the people of Makkah were more ignorant and violent and Allah Almighty sent His most kind prophet there. Quran represents his personality as a role model. Allah Almighty says that:
“Verily in the messenger of Allah you have a good example for him who looks unto Allah and the Last Day and remembers Allah much.”

Writer: Nabila Rubab.

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