Self-control—or the ability to over whelm one’s instinct, feelings and behaviour in order to achieve long term goals–is what disparate modern people from their ancestors. It is another
name of self-discipline. Self-control is fundamentally rooted in Pre-Frontal Cortex which is relatively larger in humans than other mammals. This is due to pre-frontal cortex that individuals
didn’t reply immediately to impulse as it arise, individuals can plan, evaluate actions and avoid doing things that will become causes of regret in future.

Self-control is not a type of limiting or negative behaviour, as some people might think. It is in fact the ability to say “no” and “enough” to yourself and to abstain from harmful peakness of
actions, behaviour, eating or doing anything that might harm you or others. Self- control is in-dispensable for subduing obsessions, fears, addictions or any kind of unsuitable behaviour. It
provides you with the control of your life, behaviour and your actions.

St. Thomas Aquinas, a medieval philosopher and theologian once said that self-controlled people were able to “preserve their lives”. This quality might forward them to achieve optimism and defined goals in life so as to enlighten their soul and preserve their development. Pyramid of Success was put forward by Coach Wooden that defined four blocks: Self-control, alertness initiative and intentness. Coach wooden direct his findings to his readers by defining self-control and urging them to “practice self-control and keep emotions under control. Good judgement and common sense are the key requirements”.

Here, a question arises. Why Self-Control matters? The answer to this phenomenon was put forward by Moffitt who researched on this delicate phenomenon and proposed that Childhood discipline and self-control has eager effects on adult functionality but there may be no such thing as “too much” self-control. This quality might turn an individual to a sober personality and a credible decision maker. In every walk of life, there must be a factor named as discipline that is the key to reach goals and earn what one desire. Discipline is the pre-requisite of self-control. It builds a stronger personality comprising of firm and sound body with greater will power.
Majority believes that self-control can be both learned and strengthened. Here, another question might arise in minds of the few that self-control might become the hurdle in the way of progress
and might restrict one from achieving one’s goals and fulfilling desires. But, the beauty of self-control is its ability to delay gratification by keeping in mind the long term achievements and
setting aside short term desires. This is in one’s own control to choose either of the sides and stay vigilantly.

Self-control has developed links with the health factor of individuals. It may become the cause of happiness, achievements and rewards that are awarded by the associated bodies. It may be improved or strengthened by avoiding enticements, by planning ahead and by focusing one stop at one time and by tracking one’s efforts on the way of desirous goals that might reward one the

Self-control is a limited resource. Yet it has power to turn someone to a billionaire. This whole lot depends on individual and his personality traits that forward him to the glory. Ultimately, the
only power to which man should aspire is that which he exercises over himself.

Author: Umar Farooq

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