Pakistan and 23rd March

23rd March, a date embodied in our hearts. No, this is not a date only, it has given us what we had not expected. It is not a day or date, it is a feeling that every Pakistani can feel living in any country of the world. On that date, a dream come true. A dream of a separate and independent land, a dream to take breath without any restrictions, a dream to live life according to Islam and a dream to be safe.

23rd March, a date which bears a huge importance in the life and hearts of Pakistani people. This is a day of ‘Pakistan Resolution.’ Lahore Resolution has been passed in 23rd March, 1940 and this leads to the making of Pakistan as an Islamic Republic of Pakistan. As on that day first constitution was adopted and that is further transformed as a republic.

What Resolution had been done at Minar-e-Pakistan? It is the place where Quaid-e-Azam gave the Lahore Resolution. Before this having a separate land for Muslim was nothing just a dream. On that day, all Muslim leaders made a resolution that they are not going to accept any changes in law for Muslims, but, they would imply their own laws in the separate land. They made a Resolution that they are no more going to be fooled at the hands of Hindus. They demanded a separate land. Minar-e-Pakistan is not a place where Lahore Resolution has been given, but, a flower that symbolizes our independence that has been blossoming.

All people till today celebrates that day with high joy and spirits. Because of the determination and the spirits of the people that they showed on that day, we are able to have a separate and independent land. There is always a parade enacted by our Armed forces where they show their spirit that whenever an enemy is going to or ambitious about destroying us, we will defend our country. They are the people of high spirits and thanks to them, we are able to sleep carelessly.

Now an important question arises what that Resolution day teaches us? It does not teach us to do fireworks, to dance, to take out rallies. It teaches us to make Resolutions. What do Resolution means? It means to make a firm decision that we do something or not. It teaches us to make a promise to yourself and be consistent in it. It is not a matter of a day or two. It does not teach us to make such a promise that you are not going to be fulfilled and going leave it in a half way. Today, I am going to make a Resolution with myself that I am not going to make my country a dirty place. I would throw wastes in the dustbin and going to make my country clean. I would help needy people so that they don’t beg. Come up and make your Resolutions. Just remember a little deed can make you and your country proud.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah said:

‘Islam expect every Muslim to do this duty, and if we realise our responsibility time will come soon when we shall justify ourselves worthy of a glorious past.’

Author: Naima Cheema

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