Mothers are the real role models for the kids

“I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me, they lung to me all my life.”
Abraham Lincoln

What is love? If I have to understand the true definition of love only one personality comes in my mind and that is ‘mother.’ A true emblem of love and affection. Mother’s love is beyond all the boundaries as for when a mother born a child she feels the higher intensity of pain than all pains emerging in the body and does not claim about this in the whole life. A mother is the one that does not know any pity as she stands back of their children. She has no desire to get love back from their kids what they have given. The love of a mother is beyond all the boundaries.

Mother’s lap is the answer to all our queries. It is the finest place in the earth in which we have a lot of comforts and our heart finds solace in that place only. Mothers are the true role model or their kids. But, how mothers are going to be a role model for their kids? We all believe that after Allah only one personality is in this world that would love a child selflessly and that is only Mother. What a mother teaches her children is something that is not being taught in books.

My mother serves to be a role model for me in different ways. Firstly, the mother gives us a healthy living. She gives us a healthy living as she helps us in managing the stress situations. Mother is the only personality that gives us the best advice while we are in stress and in difficult situations. She is going to give such advice that are beneficial for her kid and others as well, as she thinks and feels about every children same.

Secondly, if a mother is hard working her children is going to take her as their role model. If a mother stays idol, kids are going to follow her. If a mother is hard working and can do multitask at the same time, kids are ultimately going to be hard working. Mother helps us in the maintenance of social relations that we have to put an effort into the calmness of relations.

Thirdly, how a mother is going to deal with other people, kids are ultimately going to do this. For example, if my mother is going to treat the servants working at my home rudely and immorality then I am ultimately going to do this because this is what I have observed in all my life. The moral and social aspects are ultimately developed when we look around our parents. If my mother is going to treat the servants with politely and morally, I am ultimately going to this.

Fourthly, the background of a mother also effects in different ways. It does not mean that background is a source of conflict or to show someone penurious. It means that humbleness comes from the generations. For example, if my grandmother is humble and handles the difficult situations fluently than ultimately my mother is also going to do this, then so will be me. Background is associated to anger management that develops from our mothers among us.
Fifthly, the personality of a mother is also a role model for kids. If a mother is well managed and takes care of her, this attribute is also going to be developed in her kids also. Her generosity and her mature control of tongue also develop in her kids also. Children learn from her mother how to be calm in arduous situations.

Lastly, she promotes in us that how we are going to empower ourselves. A job working mother always knows how it is necessary to empower ourselves and not to depend upon others. Mothers look upon the future from all perspectives and thoroughly analyzed what ways are going to be useful and helps us in achieving our goals.

Mother, not a word to write but these 6 alphabets contains all my life. Humbleness, greatness, funny aspects all revolve around mother. Mother is the personality that is a role model for us as she knows us better than ourselves. Mothers love is pure and free from hatred, if she has 10 children she is going to love all equally. It does not mean that she is going to love one more than others. Mother does not go at these six levels of being a role model but in each and every aspect of our lives. At the end, I am going, to sum up it as

“Be the woman you want your daughter to be.”

Author: Naima Cheema

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