Love The Land That You Have

Pakistan is not a safe place, it’s a terrorist country, Pakistan Murdabad; listening to such words, boils my blood, makes my body cold, and a mark of anger at my face is being shown. A country which provides you a land, gives you a shelter, fulfills your hunger with its wheat and ends your thirst with its water, but still you don’t like it and want to leave it. Love for a land is a natural passion which lies in every human. I love this land because it is the place where I’m born, brought up, and my forefathers are buried. I feel proud whenever I wave my flag, listen to Pakistani songs, milinaghmas, and sings its National Anthem, watch our teams playing on International levels, this all makes my soul to feel fresh.

Look around the world, and see how beautiful your land is! How lucky everyone is that, he is living in such a land, called Pakistan. Feel proud, that you have such powerful and bold forces which are always ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake and safety of other Pakistani’s. It is the land of those whose children after being the target of terrorism still go to the same school. Every Pakistani has got it in order to do something good for it like; Arfa Kareem, Suhai Aziz Talpur, Muniba Mazari, Hammad Safi, Marium Mukhtar, Aitzaz Hassan and many more prides of Pakistan. Its soil is full of the sweat and blood of all our Martyrs and Working people. Each and every Pakistani is lucky that it has got four climates here, beautiful valleys, different traditions, cultures and Natural resources like; Oil, coal, natural gas and other resources.

On asking from others, why they love this land, I got new view points. An English lecturer expressed, “To love your land you don’t need reasons but still if u need, then the strongest reason is Identity. Ask the importance of identity from those who don’t have any. What I’m today just because of it. I’m eating from its pious land.” A college student reminded, “I think you are facilitated just because of your own land, all educational institutions, health care departments, are provided to one from its land.” One of my colleague suggested, “We don’t need any reason to love our land, but if you ask for the reason then, I love my land Pakistan, because it is the country that was created especially for the Muslims and in it, there are many unique views and things to observe and to explore.” An experienced person explained, “l love my land because I’m born here, it is my identity, except this where I’ll go, I’ll lost my identity. I know that this Land has corruption, even its people are using it for their own benefit. Here every day we’re having stress and no basic facility is being provided to us like; Health, education, good environment and security, but we have a good hope from it.”

It has many major problems; Corruption, illiteracy, terrorism, load shedding and unemployment. It doesn’t mean that after all these problems, you’ll start hating it. Yes, its politicians are corrupted, every time we’re living without electricity, our government isn’t providing us jobs, after being graduated, we’re still jobless, helpless and hopeless. Here men, women and even its future, the children are the target of terrorism. If you are having problems at your home, what will you do? Rather than solving that, you’ll leave your home and start hating it. No, you’d like to have peace at your home, and for that you’ll find its solution. The same case is with Pakistan, it is your motherland, homeland and other Pakistani’s are your family members and then its problem is you’re too, so love your Land.

The strongest proof to love your land is the Religion. Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) has said that, “Love for your land is a part of your faith.” Islam doesn’t forbid a Muslim to love his land in which he lives or grows. It is the only place, to which you can say that it is your own. As you follow the other sayings of Islam then this also becomes your responsibility. When you have no kind of punctuality to love, respect and to pray for it, then why you feel ashamed of being a Pakistani, however you should feel love for the land that has given you everything whenever and wherever you want.

To conclude it,
I’m not just Bombs, Poverty and Corruption.
I’m Edhi’s philanthropy.
I’m first Islamic nuclear power.
I’m Dr Qadeer, Dr Abdussalam, and Arfa Karim’s brilliance.
I’m Afridi’s exuberance.
I’m Miandad’s sixer.
I’m fastest growing IT industry.
I’m 40,000 deaths for global peace.
I’m hospitality.
I’m epitome of resilience.
I’m one of the few bravest nations of the world.
Yes, I’m Pakistan.

Author: Kashaf Surahio

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