Happiness is linked to success- A psychological review of happiness

Every human being strives for peace and happiness. An individual tries to secure that happiness through different means that fulfill his psychological needs. Such happiness is greatly linked with the essence of victory and success. That success can be in terms of academics, social work, economics, politics or any other sector. Success in any fields leaves a cherishing impact on a person’s psyche and mentality. Moreover, success imparts mental strength to a person that leads to further achievements.

According to recent findings of a survey, success makes a person seek more goals in order to achieve more, and that certainly reinforces the chain of causes of happiness. Sonja Lyubomirsky, Ph.D., of the University of California, worked on the relationship between happiness and success. He put forth a few questions that had the main essence of questioning whether success could cause happiness or not. The results of such studies depict that success is one of the major cause of happiness. This is because successful people develop their psych in such a way that they start to feel confident, energetic, optimistic and likable. These qualities are, definitely, a part of happiness and inner peace.

Now, one could understand this through proper illustrations. Following examples demonstrate how success impacts psychology and, ultimately, leading to happiness.

Let us take the example of a student. Every student strives to get high grades in their respective subjects and exams. They invest a lot of energies and efforts in order to crack those exams. However, the basic purpose behind those efforts is the fact that they all want to succeed. So, whenever they obtain success, it is quite likely that happiness would prevail among them. For instance, a student aspires to crack a competitive exam. Even before attempting, one considers an exam as a matter of great importance. Hence, the outcome of that exam becomes very special for the aspirant. Success hits the psychological setup of that person causing elation whereas failure leads to distress.

An example of a sportsman can efficiently explain how success is linked with the psychology of an individual and his happiness. A sportsman put a lot of hard work in nets and practice sessions. This effort is intended in order to gain high performance in any sport that would lead to success. As an illustration, a cricketer, either batsman or bowler, practices for many hours and days to put that effort into a match. If that practice leads to a good performance on the match day, there is a high percentage of chance that it will cause a great deal of happiness. This shows that it is linked with natural programming of the psychology of the human mind that success leads to happiness and vice versa.

An instance of a businessman is worth discussing here. Success in the case of a businessman is highly dependent on financial terms. A fruitful business can extract a large amount of money, and most people link money with their joy and elation. Furthermore, that money enables that individual to fulfill his basic needs of life and to enhance the business in order to achieve more output from his efforts. Therefore, success in terms of financial efforts is linked with the human mentality and its happiness.

However, there is a point worth mentioning here. Success is not the only cause of happiness in one’s life. There are many other key deterministic factors that are also important for the happiness of an individual. These factors may include health, relationships, fitness, intelligence, morals, emotional stability, life expectancy, social interactions and many more. These factors are also critical in influencing the human mind and psychology.

Nonetheless, success is a major cause of joy and happiness of an individual in a personal, social, economic and political cause.

Author: Asad Muhammad Shahzad

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