“Hey! How’s your baby? A girl or a boy?”

All the advancement of 21st century has failed us to break free the chains of gender discrimination. Offering different criterias and rules of living to the same age boy and girl of the same family is the biggest dilemma of Easterns. Though males and females are born different yet both have their own uniqueness and beauty. There is a difference of physique,strength,capabilities and hormones. Men can carry such heavy weights happily that women can’t even imagine. Likings and dislikings,emotions and dealing with trauma are the features differently programmed in both genders. We can’t declare black and white as one colour when it’s not actually. The same situation is faced when it comes to gender issue. They are neither identical nor as different as one to be treated superior or inferior. The problem is the gender related superiority or inferiority complex engraved in the minds of people.

Acceptance and appreciation of differences has become the rarest instinct. Frustrations and problems have found a way of relief in criticizing and spreading the vibes of disapproval everywhere. Unfortunately,females have always been the victim of social instability. Society treats this weak creature as an emblem of misfortune,dismay and curse. The slogans demanding gender equality are a reaction to all the injustice directed towards women from age-old times.

Women are still deprived of basic needs of education and liberty of making their own decisions in many parts of the state. Exposure to life for them has been restricted because their natural fragility is considered their own fault. They’re treated as a dumb creature by men-hold mentality. In the air of injustice,resistance becomes an obligation.

Feminism is a voice demanding the equal rights and privileges enjoyed by men since always. Women have decided to escape from the cage of cruelty that abandons them in ignorance. Educated women are raising voice for the security and rights of uneducated and unprivileged women suffering oppression from male dominating society. As a result,the smoke of hatred is rising among both genders. Females want their potentials to be considered and respected. They want to prove themselves as capable and intelligent as men are in every field. Males are now afraid of this rebel from their submissive women.

The embers of social deform can be extinguished before they turn into blazing fires by maintaining an equilibrium of rights for both genders. Females should be treated as a unique and loveable creature of God. This fragile creation has its own beauty,spark and potential. Women have always played significant role in history by giving great emperors and leaders. Education of a woman is the education of whole tribe. Females share the same basic needs of food,clothes,education,shelter and respect with males. A change in the society for the development of state will occur when the role of women will be considered as important as of men. Men should stop considering women as a commodity and symbol of their so-called honour. If females are not identical to males,they are no way inferior to them. We should embrace the differences and respect their identity and potentials. Both have their unique role to play in the stability of a prosperous state.

Author: Umme-Farwa

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