For some people, not getting the thing you utterly wanted to have by your side, but for me depression is:

“Despite of having everything a man could possibly dream off, still you feel vacant inside!”

A multi-Billionaire owning all the commodities, possessing all the luxuries, spends hours inside the bank for the calculation of unimaginable wealth, but what if he doesn’t have someone to sit by his side, what if there is no one to listen to his success stories, what if his children don’t give lend him their time, he is called richly depressive billionaire.

Causes of Depression:

Ill-satisfaction of the possessions that belong to you is the real aetiology of Depression.
Be it money, wealth, happiness, love or relationship, when you don’t get satisfy of the things you own, anxiety will ultimately rule over your mind.


The people today are living and spending most of their lives inspiring others. They feign the bogus lifestyle which is mere a sham and nothing else. It sucks up their peace of mind and nothing else.


Today’s predicament is material monism that has wrapped the whole world within its arms. People runs towards the materials forgetting the spirituality. Materialism is a horrendous plot which has eaten up the soul of this world leaving behind the vacant body which is mere a piece of flesh.

Remoteness from religion:

Man today has forgotten the reason of his existence. The more remote from the religion the more vague the existence. Religion keeps a man connected to his soul and the soul of the universe. It’s a communication bridge with the creator of the universe. But man has feigned an abyss and is bogging up in that marsh himself.

Ways to reduce Depression:


Being thankful of what you have makes you the richest man alive, albeit not having everything but still you have too much to pay gratitude.


Social medial is one of gravest dilemma today, though it keeps one updated and connected you to your social circle, but keep it in mind that no one is interested in your life the way one shows.
And secondly, no one ever posts the dark and gloomy side of their life and only posts stuff that shows the illuminated side which is a whole manoeuvre.
The less posted, the Better.


Like the plants get rid of the oxalate that inhibits it to blossom, similarly humans need to purge themselves and shed the vindictive substances in the autumn of humanistic seasons.

Forgetting is blessing:

Human mind has capacity to store ample amount of information in it. But sometimes some malicious thoughts can poison up the whole content.
There are three portions of brain, Conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious. When the unconscious wells up, the thoughts start crossing the brink and goes out which is known as forgetting.
If you don’t help yourself forgetting the vindictive thoughts, you will poison your soul and that is utterly threatening for the survival.


Meditation is the best way of catharsis of your soul. Focus on the positive vibes. Fill your body and soul with positive energy. Let the negative energy evade from you.

Let the light enter to your soul:

Man-made obstacles in the form of materialism has halted the light to pave through the abyss into the soul. Let the light commute and illuminate you from within so that you glow lights up the world.

Punctuality is boring, sometimes you ought to be rebellious to your humdrum routine:

Sometimes a person bars himself in the psychological barrier that doesn’t allow him to enjoy the true essence of existence and at that time he is on the verge of collapse. So, break the rules, and break the myths and set yourself free, challenge yourself, take adventures, go on a journey, travel as much as you can, make friends and enjoy being you.


Keep a poise in everything, as excess of everything is bad.

Author: Ariba Riaz

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