Democratic Leadership

Let’s Negotiate!! The sentence most needed in this era. Most of the conflicts today are due to lack of communication. For this Democratic style is utmost necessary.

Democratic leadership is worldwide appreciated. It is a style in which a leader is there just to give the final touch to the decision. The collective creativity and potentials of the whole team bear fruits to organizations. Everybody is given equal opportunities to flourish and show excellence and to benefit the whole team. There is individuality or selfishness but each individual do get a chance to polish and utilize his skills effectively.

The members participate keenly and do the work honestly that tend to enhance the output of the company as a whole. The issues are addressed are more easily as there will be more opinions, more solutions.

Democratic style provides flexibility and elasticity and set no boundries and allows the members to raise themselves to skyhigh.

Attributes of Democratic Leaders:

  • Fluent and Articulate
  • Expressive
  • Understandable & comprehensive
  • Amiable
  • Influential
  • Intellectual
  • Good communication skills
  • Prudent and sober

Pros and Cons


The best thing about this leadership style is the Communication Bridge. There is no distance between the leader and followers as the leader is highly approachable.

Hidden potentialities are unveiled as everybody gets to express themselves.
Basic platform is available to show the creativity of minds. Opportunities are given to everybody.

Sense of being valued is augmented as everybody’s opinion is respect.
Black Horses are discovered under such circumstances.


One of the major disadvantage of democratic leadership style is that so many opinions.

It is sometimes difficult to converge all the members at one conclusion.
As Too many Chefs spoil the cake, same is the case here. As everybody wants their opinion to be more appreciated and praised, nobody respects the opinion of other, as a result a mess is created.
The decision is rather difficult to be made because of the havoc generated by so many people.

Sometimes the leader may show biasness or prejudice that may cause a sense of inferiority complex in some of the members.

The decision may remain pending in such type of situations in which authoritativeness is required.

Situations in which Democratic style is required:

It is the most widely used and appreciated style of leadership.
From schools to colleges to universities, from private firms to Public Sectors, this style can be adopted anywhere.

Democratic Government:

Democratic government is an example where the public opinion is not just taken but is valued and respected as well. The individuals enjoys the true essence of autonomy and independence. People elect the leader of their own choice from within who knows the issues of his people and then tends to address them with the consent of his admirers.

Successful Democratic Leaders:

Democratic leadership style examples include Dwight D, Eisenhower, who was a military leader faced with the challenge of getting the Alliance forces to be in agreement on a common line of attack. He put in hard labour to ensure that there was a united front, so that a common understanding could be reached. This is considered one of his greatest accomplishments as a leader.

Author: Ariba Riaz

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