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What is E for Earning?

In today’s era of  high inflation, it has become very difficult to keep both ends meet with a job. You need a second income to bear the expenses of you and your family. E for Earning provides you this opportunity in the form of a business from home.

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How to Start a Business from Home

Its as simple as 123…

How to start a business from home?

Starting a business from home is simple and easy. You will be provided an online store on your name with unlimited products. You don’t need to purchase any products. Customers will order the products from your store, we will supply the products to the customers through Cash on Delivery service. Whatever you will sell on your store, you will get the profits.

What are the Requirements?

Anyone can start a business if he/she has a commitment to change his/her financial situation. You just need a smart phone and internet connection to run your business from home. If you are wondering that you might have to make some investment, the good new is no you don’t have to make any investment. We will supply the products to the customers and will send you the profits.

How much it costs to start?

As low as the cost of a Pizza!
Starting a business just needs commitment to improve your financial situation.
You just have to invest time, energy and passion. If you have a good social circle, it will help you to grow your business. If you have a big family, it will also help you in expanding your business. You just have to focus on selling; we will take care of the operations and customer service.

Franchises of our Premium Members

Emaan & RazaA Franchise of E4EarningAhmed ChA Franchise of E4EarningUzma AfzalA Franchise of E4EarningHaniyaA Franchise of E4EarningHayat StoreA Franchise of E4EarningNaima CheemaA Franchise of E4EarningMaidha’sA Franchise of E4EarningIram MarathA Franchise of E4EarningKausar MalikA Franchise of E4EarningHaseeba’sA Franchise of E4Earning

Basic Package

₨ 1999

  • For Beginners & Students
  • General Domain Name
  • Personalized Store
  • Mobile App
  • Unlimited Products
  • Monthly Sales Reports
  • Monthly Cash Transfers
  • Annual Incentives


Standard Package

₨ 9999

  • For Entrepreneurs
  • Personalized Domain Name
  • Personalized Store
  • Mobile App
  • Unlimited products
  • Fortnightly Sales Reports
  • Fortnightly Cash Transfers
  • Quarterly Incentives

Enterprise Package

₨ 19999

  • For Businesses
  • Business Domain Name
  • Personalized Store
  • Mobile App
  • Unlimited products
  • Weekly Sales Reports
  • Weekly Cash Transfers
  • Montly Incentives

**Deserving students can contact the management if they can’t bear the cost.

Success Stories

Being from lower middle class, i had always seen my father suffering and bearing the hardships to provide a better education to us. I had a passion to support him but HOW? Being a girl and the youngest in the family, this HOW was quite impossible to answer. With wet eyebrows, and prayers on the lips, I just want to thank ALLAH Almighty.
E for Earning..!!!! You guys can’t imagine what you have done for me….. Prayers from my mother for you guys…
Saima (Son of my Father)
Franchise Holder
”When i got retired from teaching, i planned to start a business but was very reluctant to invest my gratuity amount as that was the only savings i had. Guys at E for Earning have given me a fully operational business for just 10 thousand rupees annually. I never thought about having a business with this much less expense and zero investment. Thank you.”
Nusrat Javed (Retired Teacher)
Franchise Holder
1999 Rupees was all that i invested and now i own a business. Can’t ask for more. I used to write articles for these guys and now they have provided me a business. No words…!!!!
Ahmed Zeb (Student)
Franchise Holder
”Salary was never enough to fulfill my dreams about my kids education. There was nothing that i could do to improve my financial situation. E for Earning gave me a hope that i can send my kids to the schools i have always thought about. Me and my wife are feeling very confident. Smiles..!!
Nasir Iqbal (Jobian)
Franchise Holder
”After my retirement I started thinking about doing something that can help me in earning some money to make sure that I am not dependent on my pension only. E for Earning gave me everything that I was looking for. My business is growing and I am feeling financially confident.
Muhammad Riaz (60years)
Franchise Holder
“For my husband things started becoming difficult and unpredictable when Saudi Arabia changed the rules for the foreign workers. His job is the only source of income for our family. They say ”Dig the well before you feel thirsty!” I started my business with E for Earning. We as a family are feeling very calm and confident about our financial future.”
Maidha Zeeshan (House Wife)
Franchise Holder
“I have a dream of higher education but at the same time i have some restricted financial realities. My parents can’t afford my higher education expenses. E for Earning has given me a hope that I’ll be able to bear my own educational expenses. Without compromising my education, I’ll be running a business. Feeling goosebumps…!!!”
Asim Chohan (Student)
Franchise Holder
“Ever since I heard the word Entrepreneur, I am living with a dream to become an Entrepreneur. Lack of investment and moral support were the biggest road blocks to achieve my dream. Then came the E for Earning! These guys trusted me and gave me a fully furnished business. Now I am seeing my dream getting realized and have started feeling self-sufficient.”
Isha Anwar (Student)
Franchise Holder
E for Earning; a door to a dreamland for a girl living in the constraints of a patriarchal society. A platform enabling me to become strong, independent, confident and is providing me a chance to believe in the valuable existence of myself. Hopeful to have a glorious future to become a loving daughter of my proud parents. Feeling blessed and much excited to share my father’s financial burden. Thanks a lot E for Earning for this golden opportunity.”
Uzma Afzal (Student)
Franchise Holder
Since I entered the mature phase of my life, I utterly realized the need of Self-dependence. From that time I was planning to do something to be self sufficient and meet my university needs since university life needs so much extra money. I don’t want to rely on my parents financially anymore. E for Earning made my dream come true by providing the much needed opportunity. Thanks to Allah Almighty and the initiators of this Goodwill gesture.
Ariba Riaz (Student)
Franchise Holder
‘Pen is mightier than the sword.’ I didn’t have a belief in this until I started studying English. Before this I was like a pigeon caved in a bird, then I realized what a critical mind can do and this flourished my mind in creative writing. But, one needs a forum to convey their thoughts to the world. E for Earning has given me a chance to become an entrepreneur and to convey my thoughts to the world. It serves me as a platform to earn money through my writing capabilities and to establish my name.
Naima Cheema (Student)
Franchise Holder
“I never knew that I would be able to change my miseries to satisfaction. At first i took it lightly and didn’t give much attention like my other friends, but then I decided to try this concept of business from home. As soon as i talked to the guys, i started feeling excited. Now I have got my franchise and I am very much confident about my financial future. E for Earning…. What a business model…!”
Zahid Zaman (Unemployed Graduate)
Franchise Holder

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