Rahema Hameed

AOA, I am Rahema Hameed , a student of Food Science and Nutrition.

So I am here to represent myself as a writer, observer and as a nutrition consultant as well. The aim of writing here is to spread awareness as well as to enhance my knowledge towards my subjects. Nothing could be possible without having interest and love towards your goal. So, yes my intention towards my work is pure and my loyalty towards my aim is stronger. I will try my best to write something that manifest the basic purpose of writing the articles here. It’s a blessing to have some skills but the best thing is to use these skills for sake of humanity so lets spread kindness, well being by letting others know about the things they even not heard of e.g : we can make others aware about a lot of alternatives they can take in place of costly eatables by writing articles , arranging free camps etc. So, would that the purpose of writing here become successful.


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