Love is the most beautiful feeling man can ever feel. Love is defined as when a person see his own qualities in another person. He starts attracting towards the person. For example, if you are caring and someone starts caring about you. You will start attracting. And people called this love. Love overcome sadness. It spread happiness.


Loving yourself give you strength. If you find yourself, you gain everything. You don’t have anything to loose. If you want to love, than love yourself first. Give yourself first priority. Exact meaning of loving yourself is to set goals for your life and work on it. Accept yourself. Take yourself in confidence. Discover something special in yourself. Be good to yourself. Think positive. If you think positive, than you will act positive. Prove yourself that you are right. If you have done something wrong in your past, forget it and move towards your future. Your future is your destiny. Don’t think about people. No one think about your benefits. Choose yourself to be your own best friend. Spend your time with the people who believes in you who support you, stand for you even in the hardest time. Give yourself time and space to understand things.

Love for Parents

Parents love is proverbial. It is the only relation which is not fake. Parents are your true friends. They are the only one who give you importance, think about your benefit. Parents are always there when there is no one for your help. They catch you when you are falling. They taught you the most important lessons of your life. They taught you the experience of their life. They want your life better than the life they lived. They earn for you to give you better education and health. They are the psychologist. Whenever you are in trouble, no matter you don’t express but they feel and understand it. They are the only cheerleaders when you are winning. Keep one thing in your mind, parents are your only best friends.

Love for Allah

There is a creator, who is the most beneficent and the mighty one. He brings everything from non-existence to existence. His love equals seventy mothers love. He knows the situation of every heart. He knows everyone’s destiny. Sometimes, he gives you what you wish, but sometimes he don’t, this doesn’t mean he don’t love you. He had planned something better for you. He is the supreme pardoner, when a person had done something wrong, he forgives everything. He is the prime light, he guides us, shows us the difference between right and wrong. He is bigger than our problems. If you move one step towards him, he move 2 steps towards you. Believe in god is a strength. Just believe in god and he will reward you in both worlds.

Author: Ahmed Ch   

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