Self Control

What is Self-Control? Self-control means how you control your emotions, your behaviour and your acts when something is getting wrong in your life. How you pretend to be relaxed and wait for your time. Everyone has their own perspective to control their self. Sometimes life give you tough time to become strong. In this situation, a person has to face the challenges of life.  A person can control himself by not expecting anything from another person. All you get is from your hard work, your inner peace and when right time has come. One thing a person has to accept about his life is that what’s yours, will find you. A person can run behind the thing which is not made for him and downtrodden the thing which he have. Be thankful for what you have. Life is a name of struggle. Struggle for your dreams. If you do not work hard then don’t wish for the dreams. A man can change his luck by doing hard work. Choose a path, make a plan and start work on it. Life is not easy. Just do right and good things. Be positive, stay positive and spread positivity. Life is like a Boomerang what you give you get. Every person’s destiny is written. If u face the today’s failure then you will be able to see the tomorrows win. Life is a name of ups and downs. Bear the hard time. Just wait for the right moment. Find the platform where you can rise and shine. Life is a game, learn the trick to be the Master of the Game. Self-Control is another name of self-discipline. It’s mean you have ability to give order to yourself. No or Enough. It gives a balance to your life. You will be able to notice the difference between the right and wrong thing. It will make you self-dependent and you will never feel helplessness. You will rely on you own sources. You will become a trustworthy for yourself and for others. You feel confident about yourself and your   decisions. You will start visualize yourself, find the lack of things and you will try to fix them. It will also affect your health in a positive way. When a person started doing a good deed he will surely get mental satisfaction or peace. There are some limits and controls for everything. A person has to obey the limits which leads him to the self-purification and his soul will be enlighten by the acts and deeds he will done. When he follow the limits his character will shine and he will stand at the highest rank of humanity. Self-Control is also known as patience and the patience is the healthiest ingredient. Patience as itself is bitter but the taste it bores is sweet. If a person treat you in a weird way, you will make him realize by good behavior. Peoples with the self-control are happier. They will get there reward by the nature. Spread positive vibes. And you will get inner peace.
Author: AHMED CH

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