The Wasted Petaflops

Petaflops is the unit in which our Brain Power is Measured and Compared with the Power of a Computer. Because the Age of AI is upon us. So, it’s only fitting to measure our Brain power in Petaflops. The Answers to the Questions that we’re going to probe are What happens when we don’t utilize our Petaflops? And How can we Utilize Petaflops?

First to Question, how can we utilize Petaflops? Our Brain is a machine that only stops working when we die. It yearns for opportunities that can challenge its Petaflops. Even when we’re sitting idle our Brain is busy in utilizing our Petaflops in vast oceans of Imagination. What we need to do is to use those Petaflops in way that it could be productive for not only ourselves but for humanity as well. The best way for it is perusing Quality Books. Books that would enhance our analytical abilities. So, we may come closer to becoming a rational Human being.

Bertrand Russell said that we develop our opinion on basis of evidence but when the evidence is frail we give in passion especially in case of Religion and Politics and almost 90% of Humanity practices this habit without even recognizing it and those who don’t they’re more close to what he calls Rationality. This bring me to my second Question, What Happens when we don’t utilize our Petaflops?

If we see, current predicament of our society, we’d find it exactly to be a mirror image of the answer we are probing. Pakistan is a country where Book Reading is the last thing you’d expect from our Youth and for Nation that has 60% Population under 30, it doesn’t bode good. In a nutshell, it means almost half of our Population doesn’t use their Petaflops in productive ways.
So, the point is what they do? Because our Brains need something to do. The answer is they use Petaflops to cheat, to rob, to bribe, to intimidate, to do violence or any other irrational act one can think of. Today, our society is plagued with the ever-growing cancer of extremism. Guess what? Extremism roots from the realm of passion, especially in case of Religion and Politics. Something what Russell called a trait of irrational people and our nation seems to be thriving of them.

We talk about that Islam is a religion of Peace and Coexistence. Islam preaches egalitarianism but the Truth is in order interpret Islam as a religion of Peace, coexistence and egalitarianism we must do what Islam stress most of all. Read… Whether it was the first verses that revealed to Prophet PBUH or the incentives He PBUH gave to the seeker of Knowledge. If we analyze it today that why did Islam stresses on Knowledge, one of the reasons that we might come to know is that it makes us more peaceful, tolerant and egalitarian. We don’t just become a Rational Man overnight it happens when we learn to give in to Reason, especially in matter of Passion. If done so there’d be no more Religious Demagogues as they require people who don’t look for evidence or reason rather, they could easily be induced by passion and today more than half of our Population can be induced in the name of Religion.

If we could help our half of the population to learn to control passion there’d be no Extremism in Religion that would lead to people who wouldn’t be susceptible to the outside forces. Forces that previously used them to rein terror on their own fellow countrymen in the name of Religion. Imagine a Pakistan where every sect of Islam would honor other, what a Peaceful picture of Islam would that be.

Now come to the other part of the story. Politics of our country. For over 70 years, Politicians have manipulated the feeling of our people just because they knew they can induce our passion for their own benefit. Now imagine a Pakistan where our half of the population, our youth was not susceptible to passion and they couldn’t be induced. Then, these very politicians would have to give us a solid evidence for why should we vote for them? unlike today where few emotional speeches can sway the populace.

Democracy is system that demands an enlightened populace. People who know their rights to the government and government’s rights to them. Only then we can develop a healthy democratic culture, a culture that would lay the foundation of prosperity of our nation.

So, if we want to progress in the challenging world. We need to be United and we need to be Rational because the future won’t allow anyone else to thrive. We need to turn our youth into seekers of knowledge. Just like once we were in our Golden Age, when Al-Memon ruled Baghdad Muslims were the prime civilization, our Petaflops were utilized in search of knowledge unlike today.

Author: Shamaim Ali Ghauri

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