War-Mongering or Peace-Making

Escalating Tensions of war between Pakistan and India is the trending news in the world these days.

In this nuclear era, a confrontation between two nuclear-armed countries will eventually end up in a wholesale slaying and massacre of humanity.

Initiation of Jingoism

This jingoism initiated in 1947 as the two neighbouring countries decided to part their ways. From that moment to present day its going on and even 3 times broke out into war. Last time in 1999 at the spot of Kargil the two nations showed their native hostility but at that time there was no nuclear threats.

But today as everybody knows any miscalculation can wipe out the two nations from the façade of this world.

In the previous days, most of the youth were busy making memes and fun about war, and how it would turned out to be, the non-serious attitude was expected by them as they haven’t experienced any havoc like that before, but if ever ask any eye-witness of previous disastrous wars, the pain in their voice will make you feel the real effects that a war can inflict on both sides of the border. Those people have lost their loved ones. More than 70,000 casualties have been reported since 1947 resulting from this inborn rivalry between both the countries.

The spark was triggered by Pulwama Attack, when near about 42 paramilitary officers of India were targeted by alleged Jaishe Muhammad.

But here a question arises. What about the Kashmiri innocents who have been facing the brutalities of Indian Army since forever. Anybody ever thought about that. No, they only felt the pain when stabbed in back. After that the Blame game started and they alleged Pakistan of this attack even though Pakistan assured them and asked if any evidence is found they are ready for accountability.

But instead India showed a more aggressive response and thrown payloads of their war planes and on return to their country claimed that they have killed 300 militants. But DGISPR completely denied their claims and proved it by taking the national and international media at the spot of incident.

As per Hamid Mir, the renowned journalist, there was only one dead body found and that was of crow. Apart of joking, how can one be so irresponsible of claiming that they have killed 300 people.

Our Premium keep on insisting of peace talks and negotiations, but he also told them that they will do retaliate if their survival was threatened.

He did what he said, and Pakistan armed forces retaliated, but not even a single casualty was reported. This is how sensible nations do, i.e showed their powers without even harming a bird.

But restless India again escalated and send its fighter jets inside the territory of AJAK, but the Brave sons of soil failed the attempts of enemies and Squadron Leader Hassan Siddique shot down two Indian fighter Jets and the military troops arrested the pilot, IAF Wing Commander Abhinand as Prisoner of War.

Peace loving Pakistanis

I owe the laud and appreciation to whole Pakistani nation for showing this much sensibility and maturity. Not even a single person, was in favour of war. Everybody was saying no to war, politicians, opposition leaders, journalists, media personals, artists and actors, everybody behave so elegantly. The spirit and soulful unity made me burst into tears, my heart was beaming with happiness.

Our beloved Prime Minister televised address to the nation was so comprehensive yet soothing, and each of his word portrayed his honesty and love for not only his nation but humanity. Our DGISPR kept on demotivating war situations while telling India to not to forget of taking into account of the abilities of Pakistani armed forces.


It was foretold months ago that a similar type of situation can prevail prior to General elections in India in order to seizure the maximum amount of votes in elections.

Modi’s Anti-Paki slogan will help him to capture the attention of the extremist group residing in India.

Benefits of War-Situation

Despite, petite in magnitude but the glorified and amplified spirit of the Pakistani nation made the rivals realize that we are no less in any field of life. The Shaheens of Iqbal depicted their true colours. The true essence of brotherhood prevailed. Even though the opposition parties never converged to one point in so many years, which was one of the gravest problem and internal threat, but the external threat gathered the whole nation under one flag. This is the true face of Pakistani Nation.

Moreover, the cordial and humane treatment of the IAF captive set the new standards of humanity and showed our military ethics to the world.

Author: Ariba Riaz

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