LAISSEZ FAIRE LEADERSHIP – (Delegatory Leadership)


“Let us do it” is what this term generally means.

It is a form of leadership in which leader is not authoritative rather he hails all the authorities on the members and let them make their own decisions.


It’s an Economical theory, started in France, in which transactions between private parties are free from government intervention such as regulation, privileges, tariffs, and subsidies.

Laissez faire is an Economical Doctrine used by Economists known as Physiocrates. Laissez Faire is Central Dogma of Capitalistic Approach.



  • Inclusive
  • Doesn’t intrude in members matters
  • Give charge and responsibility to members
  • Micro-managing




  1. It provides full advantage to members to make full use of their potentials.
  2. It gives charge to the members that makes them highly responsible
  3. It helps to develop and grow and blossom into a groomed personality
  4. It makes the person autonomous and independent which gives them a sense of being valued.
  5. It makes them believe in their arms and trigger the self-confidence in them and helps them to stand firm on their foot. They can withstand tough scenarios and become able to tackle different issues and problems in life.


  1. When members know that nobody will interfere and nobody is there to order them as leader doesn’t intrude in their matters, it will cause a sense of grandiose in them.
  2. They will not fear anyone which can affect the atmosphere of any organization as it will promote stubbornness.
  3. There will be no team work or division of labour which is utmost necessary in any organization.


Laissez faire leadership is acquired when the members of the group are highly skilled, they know very well about their task. They are aware about their rights and wrongs and they do know what will be proved beneficial for them and could help company grow.

Laissez Faire Capitalism

Capitalism, the antagonist of communalism, in which government doesn’t impedes the path of economists rather help them grow on their own. The economic system of laissez faire has several elements: 1) respect for private property; 2) freedom to start and own a business; 3) free markets in trade (that is, no government price controls or excessive intervention); and a government limited to a “nightwatchman” function, which means essentially making sure through its police and courts that contracts are not broken, disputes are peaceably settled, everyone’s rights are upheld, and that society is defended against lawbreakers internally and aggressive enemies from abroad. 


Adam Smith was a French physiocrat who initially gave this idea. He was of view that laissez faire is the best idea for economy to grow.

Panama Canal
This was one of the most ambitious projects in history led by US President Theodore Roosevelt in 1904. Though it was beset by geographic challenges and accidents, its completion in 1914 was reckoned as an engineering marvel. It could not have been accomplished without delegating authority to the professionals.

Author: Ariba Riaz

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