One day, a person sharp in looks , healthy and calm was sitting under the clock ticking. He was waiting for other one to reach . Weather was turning cloudy.

In a time being a person enter the park, having a timid look and a slender body. After watching him , Reality the one sitting on the bench hurriedly stands to welcome him. Welcome the one entering vaguely. Both of them, Reality and Idealism greets each other by some formal and casual greetings.

Afterwards they started talking and stuck at the topic which was a clash between them.

Reality asked him sharply “why you look so thin and dull”

Idealism answered with full satisfaction on his face “Due to my hard and hectic working routine”

Reality couldn’t digest his satisfaction “Why are you working harder to your bones? Even I’ve offered you to join a job as a clerk”

Idealism suddenly nodded his head in a No.

Reality asked the reason for this , Idealism replied that “I could either be an unpublished and unpaid writer than to be an enslaved clerk under some opportunist.

Reality (uneasily) said “But you’d be sure of your income , your budget. You can have a satisfaction throughout.”

Idealism replied with no certain expression except a critical smile “ The satisfaction that you have?”

Reality simply bowed his head for a Yes.

Idealism ironically said “ I’ve never seen you satisfied. You are a poor man you left his passion and talent , left the dream of portraiting the happiness and smiles of people , sadness and sorrows of society, just to have a job as a ministerial Under-Secrtrary. Working for corrupt people for a few amount of money and fake fame…

Reality interrupted him and said “No! I am happy with my job and proud to be a part of a noble job.

Idealism chuckles in a sneering way setting his tattered hat with faded color.Both of them were internally sad and broken. One was guilty and the other was desiring. Both were unsatisfied.

With a finished thunder of clouds and a calming breeze after it. Enters a man with a flowery smile on his face. E entered showing he card to Watchman observing their fight. His card has a name of Wisdom, written boldly on it.He came to them and inquired the matter. Both were about to snatch the collar of other. When Wisdom said them to settle and listen to Him, after which they both settled and calmed.

“ It’s true that life wants us to compromise , to compromise on our dreams, yes life wants us to work harder even more than that we’ve imagines.

But life also gives us chances to work for our dreams. To work for satisfaction. Life is not cruel. It is we, who thinks life cruel. Our life is a garden. The garden tat can be filled with either the roses or the weeds. So why not we work wisely and make it bloomy instead of gloomy. To work equally for our dreams and world. Why not to stay in the center lane and use both the hands and lobes to work for our imagination and Idealism or reality of life. Why not to compromise on some factors, and be ideal at the others, why not to mould ourselves somewhere and remain rigid on others. Life always have charms if we look for them. If we work both ideally and realistically. Rather to have a war between idealism and reality.

Author: Musfirah Tehreem

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