Complacency & Happiness – How to be happy?


  ”Avail some leisure & get natural pleasure”


I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.                                                                          John Burroughs

In this world and especially in this modern century, full of tensions & anxieties, any source of comfort and happiness or joy seems to be a smooth  blessing. God created this world in its purest form and human beings modified it considering obviously some thoughts and necessities needed & looking better to them. And now being fully surrounded by artificial and natural sources of happiness, human being is still in search of peace, comfort, joy and satisfaction. Why is it so?

This century is the century of technology and machines. Nature had given such power of knowledge to human beings that human beings have arranged a far better living style, valuable education systems, useful methods to preserve foods for long time, much nice sanitary conditions and almost everything needed to be there to meet human needs. Besides such achievement, human beings are also even more unhappy, anxious and uneasy now. This is because humans have shifted their trends from nature to something which is not there present even in world dictionary as a word antonym to Nature. And as Albert Howard said,

‘’Artificial manures lead inevitably to artificial nutrition, artificial food, artificial animals and finally to artificial men and women.’’

So, if one tries to find happiness in this world, there are two parts to acquire that satisfaction.

  • There are certain rules and regulations to follow
  • There are certain boundaries and rules to break

And, always keep in mind that;



Rules to Follow:

                            These are rules with respect to society in order to be a perfect member in society and in order to get pleasure with human dealings, one should follow these rules. These are the rules which are much important because the things included in these rules are actual factors determining human grace and value of humanity & human beings. It is necessary to follow these rules in order to get complete happiness and learn how to get happiness in this world.

Some of these rules are,

  1. Stop explaining Each and Everything before everyone
  2. Always be thankful to people dear to you
  3. Love younger & junior, Respect elder & older
  4. Be Optimistic towards Others
  5. Respect and love the people, not their position
  6. Accept the people as they are
  7. Be happy with what you have


These are formal rules which one must follow as for his or her own honor, dignity and satisfaction of heart and soul. No doubt;

Complacency is nothing without humanity, and humanity is nothing without morality.

Rules to Break:

                           These are the rules which contribute major material for topic of discussion. In 21st century, there are certain rules which one must break to follow the way to mental and hearty satisfaction, a way to nature and natural world. Here would be mentioned various sources needed for happiness and enjoyment, but these sources also need just one thing which is TIME. Because as already subtitle shows, avail some leisure and get natural pleasure. As we’ll be able to see;


These sources are;

  • Hiking
  • Partying
  • Photography
  • Family
  • Music
  • Break from social media
  • Realistic approach
  • Being hopeful
  1. Hiking:

                    Hiking in undiscovered places is a lot of fun. Going through nature, passing through the things and views, one usually doesn’t see; make someone definitely happy and relaxed. This is true because human psyche is just follower of the fact that natural views give the purest forms of enjoyments and relaxation. A light can be thrown on the importance of hiking through such sayings;


Believe me, anyone who, in this busy life gives time to hiking, finds that time worthwhile and feels himself consisting of smooth and happy soul within. This source is one of the purest forms of getting close to natural happiness.

  1. Partying:

Psychologists say  that only one party in a week or even in a month consisting of some music, foods, games, dance, sitting and making gossips with near and dear ones or even with strangers keeps human being more alive, healthy, fresh and happy. Hence, everyone should arrange such arrangements in order to keep his life more refreshing and his friends closer to him with sincere happy feelings.


  1. Photography:

                         Only requirement for this amazing trick and source of natural pleasure is a camera. Photography is all about passion, but a gloomy or confused heart can take delight from this work by using its free time effectively in collecting shots of different natural views and most of the time every different natural scene is related to a special color of life.

  1. Family:

                  In this 21st century, there is a trend of nuclear family system, which is not actually a family system. The complete members included in family are father, mother, sons, daughters, their sons and their daughters. Which means that your brothers, sisters and your parents are included in your family even besides having your own sons and daughters also there. Conflicts and unions are always there in families but mostly relations in large or old family systems stay longer and stronger than the relations in nuclear family systems. How is family a source of natural pleasure in this world of hypertension? Well, here is the complete answer;


  1. Music & Break from Social Media:

                              Everyone usually and mostly like music as different types of music relaxes and soothes different moods. Everyone has certain tastes for specific genres and obviously there is no doubt that any type of music is need of happiness.

As it has been said that;



The other important thing on trend in this century is the use of social media due to which the world has become a global village. Man has developed the relations with the people who he actually doesn’t know and usually they have even rare chances to meet. At the same time, he has developed distances with the people living with him and probably it would be suitable to say that, living for him in one sense as they are part of his family, life and society he is living in. Besides many advantages, social media has brought so much destruction to happiness and satisfaction of human beings with their lives. One should know one has his own family, friends and society, he should give his time to them and they must be his priority. That’s most important source of happiness and one must follow this rule in his life.


  1. Realistic Approach:


In this world, full of narrow mindedness and extremism, it would be a blessing to be a realistic person and having realistic approach towards everything present in this dodging world. This sense and habit develop broad vision and broad mindedness as fruit results of this quality. This is ultimate source of eternal happiness also because this rule is enough for dealing humans in right way and getting things fixed in appropriate manner.

  1. Being Hopeful:

Life is zone of difficulties. But it’s not too bad either. Keep your eyes full of dreams and be hopeful to realize them. Hope gives you the strength to overcome a pain, it also makes the future easier. Do not worry about the fact that today is bad. Hope tells us that tomorrow will be better than this. Hope is happiness. When we are hopeful for anything, we have good feelings and thinking that sorrow and difficulty of today will soon end. Hope keeps us stay positive. We know that, there are a lot of effects of mind on our actions. If your mind is hopeful and keeps you strong and not to lose courage, you will do so.

Hope can change how you view the world. Hope structures your life , and how you view yourself. It decides the future and its influences how you feel in the present. Being hopeful is just optimism, hope gives us positive mood about difficulties , a purpose , or a future. These mental habits affect your mind and change your behavior in the present. If you are hopeful you feel optimistic when you look ahead, imagining hopefully what might happen, what you are attaining , or who you are going to be, can change how you currently view yourself. Along with hope comes the excitement that you will be happy and satisfied.

The point is hope gives a positive power for life. It creates an aura around you which protects you from the negativities. This is why hope is also essential for a peaceful life.


Everyone has different methods in his life to get satisfaction in one way or another. All of the above are some common sources needed basically to improve things eternally up to major extent. These are methods also to fix up the things causing anxiety mostly, by developing some habits which give relaxation to one’s mind and soul.

Authors: Emaan Maani & Syed Muhammad Raza 




  1. Hey Emman,
    First off,congratulation on this post . This is really awesome i love this post and you know you are right.


  2. Good job…dear Emaan and Syed…😊
    You people have written perfect thing that is the requirement of today…
    Well done and keep it up👍


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