Affiliative Leadership Style

Affiliative Leadership is that kind of leadership that tend to connect HEART-to-HEART Chords.

It is a binding type that glues together the humans. They create harmony and affiliation among fellow members and resolve the ongoing conflicts between them. He keeps them united and make sure to not to divide.

The affiliative leader provides the opportunity to members to develop and polish their skills. They create Communication Bridge, and help members to understand each other and address the issues and minute disputes due to lack of mutualism and create good relationship among them.

Attributes of Affiliative Leader

  • Create harmony
  • Binding
  • Communicative
  • Resolute
  • Pampers and nurtures the fellow members
  • Create an environment of better understanding
  • Resolves conflicts
  • Build up members
  • Helps improve the skills
  • Flexibility




It provides a buildable work environment. The leader also helps the members to build up themselves and use their creativity and potentials.

The leader enhances the morale of the members, motivates them to do better for themselves and for the company.

The leader is harmonious in nature and that is what he inculcates in his members. He binds his followers by himself setting an example of harmony.

The leader communicates and remain in touch with every member of the group, this will help members to develop and grow on individual level.


This style lacks the true essence of there is should be a little authoritativeness so that members have fear of accountability.

There are more chances of Poor Performance as there is no proper system of check and balance.

Sometimes they fail to address the issue properly without knowing root cause which may be the cause of bigger disputes.

Situations in which Affiliative leadership is required

This type of leadership is acquires when the group members aren’t inclusive. They is materialism prevailing and they have no feelings for each other or lack emotional attachment.

The leader creates harmony and brotherhood.

It is also needed when there is mismatch thinking of different group members and lack mutual understanding.

While it makes workers feel appreciated, it could cause workers to slack off and feel they can get away with unfavourable behaviour.

Successful Affiliative Leaders

Joe Torre

The classic example of an affiliative leader, and the one often cited by Goleman, is Joe Torre, the ex-manager of the New York Yankees.  Just think about the challenges faced by the manager of a professional baseball team; and the New York Yankees are not just any team.

Joe Torre was the manager of one of the most talented teams in all of baseball.  With all of that talent in one place, there are going to be many ego-centric players to deal with too.  In this setting, perhaps one of the greatest accomplishments of a manager is simply holding the team together, and building a sense of harmony among teammates.  This is a skill that affiliative leaders master, and so has Joe Torre.

Author: Ariba Riaz

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