Misguided feminism.

All of us are aware of the word feminism. Basically, the word ‘‘feminism’’ is the movement aimed at equal rights for women. It was given in 1872 in france and netherland as an ideology. Later, this ideology turned into a movement. These movements started in late 19th centuary when suffering women raised their voices for their equal rights. So, all this was started for a good cause.
Feminists stood against the “only for men” rights. For example, women were not allowed to go to universities, not allowed to vote, not to take some major decisions even for their betterment. They were not allowed to be career oriented. All such concepts have been eradicated through this movement.
But now feminism have become the poison for our society. It was not this movement which makes it bad but the people who misunderstood it. They think that all of this was only started to make women rebellious. So they started using this word for their personal reasons against women and it has lost its true value. Consequently, it kills the respect between opposite gender and a battle of words have started between them.
Now a days feminists (person who support or works for movement) have become the extremists of our society. They consider women much more superior than men. One of the most dangerous aspect of feminism is that they believe that a woman should be single, independent and arrogant. This is not what this movement was meant for.
Islamic feminism is much more safe and acceptable feminism than secular feminism. It just gives rights to women without disrespecting men. In Islam, women are given much respect whether she is a mother, daughter, wife or sister. They have given their own rights in every matter of life. Allah Almighty has named a whole chapter in Holy Quran for rights of women in property and other resources. This shows that Islam is a religion for all mankind whether they are male or female. Women have been given their rights 1400 years ago.
Allah Almighty has created women for making house a home. They are responsible for bringing up their children to a respectable citizen by nourishing their characters. For this purpose, women have given rights and responsibilities too.
In Islam, Women are also allowed to get education and carrier oriented. They are allowed to take their own decisions, such as marrying a man or asking for divorce etc. Many Sahabiyah (RA) run their own business in history of Islam. So, Islam is not against the basic feminism.
So, conclusion is that the word feminism was basically for sake of women’s rights but now, it has been coated with extremeness and arrogance instead of respect and dignity. That’s why people are misguided and think that it is completely a destructive thing. Another major drawback of this movement is that it does not stand for rights of transgender human beings. To abolish all these confusions and misunderstandings, humanity should be considered upto the mark to give equal rights to all human beings without considering them to be a male or a female.

Author: Iraj Noor. https://inspiredtrait.com/2019/03/04/iraj-noor/

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