How to Introduce Yourself in an Email?

It is pretty easy to create an acquaintance when you meet someone new in-person, but it gets tricky to make someone unknown know you via some other medium like email message. People receive hundreds of emails per day and they open a few out of them. So when writing an email as introduction, you have to intrigue the receiver to open your email. Here are some tips that will help you create a competitive introductory email.

First significant thing is the subject line, so the receiver knows what your email is exactly about. Keep the subject short that can be read at a glance and it has to be captivating so that the receiver opens the email. You can mention a common thing between you and receiver, a reference, a meet-up, job application etc. to grab the attention. For example, “Subject: Hi from a fellow blogger!”

Once the message gets opened, it is important that you keep the reader engaged till the end. And for that purpose, keep your message short and avoid unnecessary details as lengthy messages bore the reader. Write two to three paragraphs with each paragraph having maximum four lines.

Start the email with formal salutations and use the name of the receiver to engage him, like you can write “Dear Mr. Arsalan”. First paragraph should introduce you clearly and have details that are relevant for the receiver. For example if you are writing to a blogger, you would tell that you are also a blogger. Mentioning what you do in your free time won’t be intriguing.

Then tell the receiver how you came to know about him and state the reason why you are writing. For example, you can tell him that you want his interview for your blog and ask him straight away if he would be willing for that or not. Thank him for taking the time out to read your email and state that you expect positive response.

Close your email formally. You can write “Thank you in advance, best regards, with gratitude, sincerely” etc. and write your name below. Remember that your tone has to be polite throughout. Proofread the message for any grammatical or spelling mistake to make sure the email has no error and click the send button finally.

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