Visionary Leadership Style – Leaders with a Future Plan

It is often said that if you have set your vision, you have almost reached your destination by 50 percent. Visionary leadership is the Realization of your visions. It means to dress up your thoughts into the reality of this word.

Work diligently in silence, let your success annoy the world.

This leadership style bears a leader that has a proper future planning in the form of vision. He owns a purpose of life, possess strong will-power to make his thoughts substantial, has confidence on his arms that he has potential to actualize the vision, is willing to do something unusual which is supposed to be beneficial for the world.

Steps needed in this style:

  1. The first step is towards success is to make a goal. The goal should be something that makes you dream with open eyes. It makes you restless and ignites a spark in you, keeps you motivated, spurs you to bloom and groom yourself.
  2. Secondly, to solidify your vision, you ought to devise a plot a scheme. Without proper planning, a dream is like a tangled puzzle. Make a proper and comprehensive yet brief strategy and stick to it.
  3. In order to accomplish your goal, action must be done.

Attributes of Visionary Leadership

  • Strong headedness
  • Purposefulness
  • Confidence to realize the visions
  • Firm will-power
  • Staunch
  • Persistent
  • Sticks by his promise
  • Never fears the obstacles of path
  • Never consider the foolish blabbers
  • Focus on the goal

Pros and Cons:


It gives a direction to wanderers. The followers get to know that which path is to be followed in order to meet success.

The leader up the confidence and courage in his mates by providing them goal-oriented vision.


The slow-mo persons can’t make it up with such a leader. It requires consistency and the followers needs to make pace with the leader if they are unable to do so they may be fired up.

Sometimes the vision of leader may not be lucid and clear, which could mess up the situation and cause dishevel in the followers.

Situations in which visionary style is required:

This leadership style is most commonly utilized in business approach.  The CEO of a company must have a vision and future strategies to accomplish the goal.

Along with business it can also be used by political personality such Fidel Castro who was communist revolutionary having a vision to communise his country Cuba.

Successful Visionary Leaders:

History is replete with the examples of eminent visionary leaders whom have changed the course of history by their visions turning into reality. Such as Nelson Mandela

He visioned about breaking the myth of apartheid. He worked until he achieved the milestone and became the first black head of state after spending 27 years in horrendous prison.

Another example is the infamous Steve Job, the renowned owner of Apple Company. He is considered a true visionary leader. He realized the vision of technology.

A CEO like Jobs is able to drag the best talent to your organization, because the talent search talent. Thus, the best and most intelligent engineers wanted to work with him. There is a phrase that I like a lot of Jobs on this subject: “What good is hiring the best if then we tell them what to do. You have to hire them to tell us what to do to us.”

Author: Ariba Riaz

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